How to choose a watermelon without nitrates

Juicy, aromatic, ripe and big water-melonIt is almost everyone's liking. In our latitudes this melon culture appeared thanks to the Tatars, who brought it here about eight hundred years ago. If at first watermelon only aristocrats could relax, today every summer resident can grow it on their own plot.

It can be confidently said that under Tsar AlekseiMikhailovich in watermelons contained only what nature had planted. But a modern watermelon sometimes contains surprises, and not always pleasant and safe. Speech, of course, about nitrates.

We are guided by the season

Even 15 years ago lovers of watermelons with impatienceThey waited for August, finally, to please themselves with the long-awaited berry. Today melons are sold from mid-May, although in the climate of such drastic changes did not happen. Of course, each of us realizes that without the help of "chemistry" watermelon could not grow and ripen at such an inopportune period. But how appetizing they look on the shelves laid out by the hill ...

Remember, without the use of special stimulantsGrowth of watermelons before August can not appear! But even observing the terms of the purchase can not guarantee that checking the watermelon on nitrates will give a negative result. Unfortunately, only the harvest obtained at our own dacha guarantees safety. A high degree of confidence is also caused by watermelons grown by specialized agrofirms. In this case, the norm of nitrates in watermelon is controlled by the relevant authorities, and the products have certificates of safety and quality.

It would seem, why bother with the question,How to choose a watermelon without nitrates, if it is enough to buy these berries from the summer residents, who independently grow them? But it was not there! Recently, when eco-products are in high demand, enterprising "gardeners", buying watermelons of unknown origin, resell them under the guise of "home."

Expert advice

Opinions of experts regarding safetyWatermelons are based on the characteristics given in the GOST, developed in 1982. Despite the fact that more than three decades have passed, it is still relevant. So, how to check the watermelon on nitrates yourself? According to GOST, on the shelves there should be no fruits of ugly forms, cracked, damaged, crushed and decayed watermelons. Never buy watermelons in such places!

Signs of nitrates in watermelon are alsoYellow soil stains on the bark, orange hue of pulp, mucus around the seeds, its loose consistency. To guard you should both rough whitish fibers, and hollow flesh. These obvious signs will tell you how to distinguish watermelon from nitrates and protect yourself.

Security Guarantee

In most cases, determine the nitrates in watermelon(Both visually and to the touch) is impossible. The most reliable way is to purchase a nitrate meter - a special personal meter, which is able to test in a few seconds any

Check watermelon on nitrates

Products for the content of nitrates. So, for watermelon, an acceptable norm is 60 milligrams of nitrate per kilogram of fruit weight. But keep in mind that this is the norm for an adult. The child can be given only those products where the content of nitrates does not exceed 50 mg / kg. If we talk about the daily rate, then it is not more than 200 mg for adults and 80 mg for children.</ P>

Buying a nitrate meter is completely justified, as with it you can check for the content of nitrates like watermelons, and any other food products, which will avoid health problems.