Darginsky hinkal

It is known that many have their own khinkali recipethe most popular variation is the Georgian, but the Dargin hinkal, for some unknown reason, remains in the shade among all this family of dishes. We decided to restore justice and devote a separate material to this recipe, and you must try out such a simple cooking technology yourself.

Layered darginsky hinkal - recipe

This hinkal is called a layered one because of the peculiarmanner of folding: the dough rolls into a roll, and then cut into small portions. Ready spirals are boiled, and readiness is checked by how the dough is opened, if you pull it for a free edge.

Inside khinkala you can put finely chopped nuts, but many prefer to simply lubricate the surface with oil.


For broth:

  • beef or lamb - 1,1 kg;
  • onions - 115 g.

For hinkala:

  • walnuts - 115 g;
  • Butter - 90 g;
  • Vegetable oil - 45 ml;
  • Milk - 240 ml;
  • Flour - 540 g;
  • Yeast - 10 g.


Put the base stock of broth, puttingwashed and peeled pieces of meat into the water along with onions. Leave broth for an hour and a half, not forgetting to periodically remove noise from the surface. Ready broth and meat will be an authentic addition to hinkala.

For the test itself, dilute the yeast in warm milkwith vegetable oil and pour the solution into the flour. After kneading the elastic dough, leave it to lie back for 15 minutes, and then thinly roll. Lubricate the surface of the rolled layer with melted butter and sprinkle with nuts, then gently fold everything into a tight roll and cut into 2 cm pieces. As part of this cooking recipe, Dargin hinkal is brewed about 40 minutes above the steam, and then served with meat, broth and spicy tomato sauce.

The recipe for darginsky hinkala without nuts


  • Flour - 390 g;
  • Yeast - 10 g;
  • warm water - 240 ml;
  • Vegetable oil - 35 ml;
  • The recipe for darginsky hinkala without nuts

  • Sugar - 5 g.


Here the scheme of preparation is completely similar toclassical scheme of mixing yeast dough, and therefore before you cook Darginsky hinkal, sweeten the warm water and dilute the yeast in it. When the yeast is activated, pour in the oil and sprinkle the flour. Ready-made elastic dough leave to lie down for 20 minutes, and then as thinly as possible roll it out. Fold the layer into a roll and cut into pieces 2-2.5 cm. Leave the hinkal to cook for a couple of 8-10 minutes.