what can be made from grapes

For those who do not know what can be done from house grapes for the winter, we will offer a few ideas and tell you how to squeeze juice from the berries, cook the compote, and prepare a tasty and useful raisin.

How to make juice from grapes?


  • Grapes are ripe;
  • sugar-to taste.


If the harvest you harvest is white grapes,then for the preparation of juice from it it will be sufficient only to use the juicer, pre-rinsing the berries, having dried it a little and tearing it from the clusters. Grapes of red varieties have a more viscous flesh, which becomes more pliable and gives out a maximum of juice only after some preliminary actions. For example, grapes can be heated for a few seconds in a microwave oven or for several seconds in a pan with hot water, heated to a temperature of 75 degrees and only then subject to treatment with the device.

The resulting juice is poured into enameled orstainless container, let it boil and boil for three minutes with a moderate boil, adding in the process of sugar and allowing all crystals to dissolve.

We pour the drink over the sterilized dry vessels, seal them with lids sealed for five minutes and dispose for self-sterilization under a warm "coat" until completely cooled.

How to make compote from grapes?


Calculation for 2 liter cans:

  • grapes ripe - 0.6 kg;
  • filtered water - 1,2 - 1,5 l;
  • Granulated sugar 220-260 g.


The most delicious compote is made from red grapesFragrant varieties. In this case, both the taste and color of the drink will be just perfect. Grapes are best cut directly before harvesting compote, separate from them and sort out the berries, as well as rinse them and dry them. We fall asleep in the sterile jars necessary quantity of grapes and pour under the string with steep boiling water. Fifteen minutes later, the liquid base for compote is poured into a saucepan and sugared with sugar. The crystals must completely dissolve with frequent stirring, and the syrup boils. After five minutes of cooking we pour the sweet liquid over the containers with grapes, cork them and turn them over under a warm "coat" for natural self-sterilization.

How to make raisins from grapes?

Compote and juice we have prepared, let'sTry to make a delicious and incredibly useful raisins from grapes. Grapes for this must be taken only pitted, otherwise the product will be, to put it mildly, an amateur.

The most natural way of preparing raisinsis drying and drying the grapes in the sun. This process is long, but economical and low-cost. Depending on the attendant conditions, it will take from twenty to thirty days. Grapes for this we divide into small fragments or individual berries and lay out on a baking sheet or any blank sheet. To protect raw materials from insects, it is necessary to cover it with a gauze or mosquito net.

To accelerate the drying of some housewives stand grape for five seconds in boiling soda solution, after which they are washed and spread out to dry.

In the southern regions, the grapes are dried in the shade, sincehigh air temperature contributes to the same result as in the sun under moderate climatic conditions. However, the useful properties in this case, the finished product will contain more, and the appearance of raisins, dried not in the sun more attractive.

It will greatly speed up the drying of grapesoven. To do this, spread the grapes or small fragments of clusters on a baking sheet and place it on the upper level of the oven heated to 70 degrees. Depending on the size of the berries for drying, an average of two days is required.