Raisins from grapes at home

Raisin made from grapes, cooked in homemadeconditions it turns out delicious, sweet and able to be stored for a long time. Use dried berries for cooking unsweetened dishes, as well as in baking and desserts.

How to dry grapes on raisins?

One of the simplest and most commonis a method of drying grapes, in which berries are placed in the sun. Unwashed grapes are sorted before and removed rotten or damaged berries. Next, the berries are laid out on paper or a grid, placed in the sun and left to dry completely, turning the grapes once every three days.

This method is suitable for both the preparation of raisins from white grapes, and for raisins from dark berries.

On average, drying in the sun lasts about a month,but you can speed up the process by lowering the berries in hot soda before drying. Thin grapes should be kept in a not too strong soda solution (1/2 tsp of soda per lire of water), for thick-bodied, the concentration is higher (1 tablespoon per liter). As a result of blanching in the soda solution on the surface of the berries, the wax coating, which prevents the moisture release, is destroyed, and microcrosses are formed.

How are raisins made from grapes?

The best way to dry grapes for raisins is one in which berries are not exposed to direct sunlight, so that color and more nutrients remain.

Having arranged whole, not damaged berries on a gridor a lattice, the grapes are left to dry under a canopy or in a well ventilated, dry room. After about 20-30 days the raisins will be ready. During drying, do not forget to turn the berries to evenly dry.

Preparation of raisins from grapes at home

In conditions of an apartment in cloudy weather, grapesit is convenient to dry in the oven. As a result of this method of drying, not so many nutritional components are retained, but the process takes much less time.

Before making raisins from grapes,the baking sheets are covered with parchment. The berries are evenly distributed on baking trays and placed in a preheated oven to 90 degrees, the best way is to open the door to evaporate the moisture. After the grapes wrinkle, set the temperature at 70 degrees and continue drying until ready. Within this method, drying will take no more than 30 hours.