How to Make Raisins

Dried at home, raisins are devoid of preservatives, with which dried fruits are abundantly flavored in production. About all the details of how to make raisins, we will tell in the following material.

How to make raisins from grapes at home?

If you find a hot day, then the simplestdrying will result in drying in the sun. To speed up the process will help short-term blanching of berries in soda, but we will skip this step and pay attention to the more careful way of harvesting.

For raisins, choose fresh and whole berries that areshould be rinsed first. Afterwards, the grapes are cut from the main branch with scissors, leaving the tails on the berries. Spread the grapes on a fine lattice, stretched gauze or a bamboo grid. Such a surface for drying will help hot air to circulate evenly between the berries.

Leave the grapes in the sun for 2-3 days, notforgetting to mix berries at least once a day. During drying, grapes should be covered with gauze, so that insects do not sit on it. After the time has elapsed, try the raisins and if it has reached the desired degree of drying, place it in a sealed container and store it in a dark place at room temperature.

How to make raisins in a dryer?

Outside the sunny season, raisins can be harvestedin the dryer. To speed up the drying process will help preliminary blanching of berries in boiling water. After half a minute, the berries are removed and dried, after which the dryers are distributed on the grate and left in the device for a whole day. After a while, check the preparedness of the raisins and increase the drying time, if necessary.

How to make homemade raisins from kishmish?

Dip the sultana into the boiling soda solution (teaa spoonful of soda per liter of water) for a couple of seconds. After, the berries are dried and spread on a baking sheet. Place the grapes in a preheated oven for 50 degrees per day, opening the cabinet door for air circulation. Drying is best done in periods of 8-12 hours.

How to make raisin from black chokeberry?


  • chokeberry - 1.4 kg;
  • Sugar - 940 g;
  • Water 480 ml;
  • Citric acid - 1 tsp.


Cook a simple syrup and dip the berries in it for 10 seconds. Sugared berries dry and lay on the grate dryer. Dry the black cherry in a special dryer for 24 hours.