Homemade wine from jam

If you have old stocks in the cellarPreservation, do not rush to throw them out, because you can make a tasty, homemade wine smelling of berries from jam. This alcoholic drink is obtained not only stunningly fragrant, but also very strong. Fine wine is obtained from almost any berry jam: apricot, plum, apple or cherry. Let's figure out how to put wine from jam.

Wine from cherry jam


  • cherry jam - 1 l;
  • Raisins - 100 g;
  • Water - 1 liter.


The recipe for homemade wine from jam is quite simple. We take a three-liter jar and thoroughly my soda solution. We rinse a couple of times with warm water and then pour it with steep boiling water. Now pour into a pan one liter of water, put on a strong fire, bring to a boil, turn off and leave to cool at room temperature. For the preparation of house wine, we need slightly warm boiled water. Then we take the jam, shift it neatly into a clean jar and pour it with boiled water. Throw a handful of washed and dried raisins. We mix everything and close the jar with a cap cap. We remove it in a warm place for 10 days.

After a while, remove the lid, remove it from theThe surface of the water is pulp and filter the mass through the gauze folded several times. The finished wort is poured into a clean jar or decanter. On the neck we put on a rubber sterile glove and we remove the vessel for 40 days in a dark place. Throughout this time, the bank will go through a process of fermentation. It will be considered complete only if the rubber glove is inflated first and then lowered again. The color of the finished wine should be transparent. After 40 days, carefully pour the drink on the bottles, trying to pour so that the precipitate does not hit. We put the bottles of wine in a dark place and wait about 2 months. The wine made in this way will be very tart and will have an approximate strength of 10 degrees.

Wine from currant jam


  • Rice - 1 item;
  • Grapes - a handful;
  • jam from a black currant - 1 l;
  • Water - 2 liters.


So, for making wine from jamPrepare in advance the jar: mine, dry and transfer into it currant jam. Then we fall asleep with unwashed rice and put some grapes. Now we top up the banks with boiled warm water and mix the contents of the container well.

We put on the jar a rubber glove of a smallsize and put it in any warm place. If the jam was fermented and a small mold appeared, do not worry, everything can be fixed. To do this, pour the jam with boiling water, mix, add sugar, boil for 20 minutes, cool it to a warm state, and continue to do everything the same as written above. As the fermentation of the glove should be inflated and then gradually blown away. As soon as this happens, wine from rice and jam is considered ready.

cooking wine from jam

Wine from strawberry jam


  • strawberry jam - 1 l;
  • boiled water - 2.5 liters;
  • raisins - 130 g.


Consider a fairly simple way how to doWine from jam. Take the strawberry jam, dilute it with warm water and mix thoroughly for 10 minutes. Then add pre-soaked raisins in hot water raisins and leave everything at room temperature for fermentation. After our mixture stops wandering, filter it through a sieve or gauze, folded into 2 layers and poured into bottles. We plug the containers and store them in a refrigerator or other cool place. We keep the drink for 3 days, after which it can be tasted.