Plum wine

Plum wine, cooked at homewith their own hands, it will be much tastier and more useful than bought in the store. This wine is considered a balm for the circulatory system and a cure for heart diseases.

From plums you can cook several differenttypes of wine - red, white, pink and light table wine, all depends on the sweetness of the plums themselves and their sort, on the amount of added sugar. Excellent wine comes from blue plum, cherry plum and wild thistle. Let's find out how to make wine from a plum.

Recipe of wine from a plum


  • plum - 1 kg;
  • Boiled water - 500 ml;
  • Sugar - 100 g.

For starter:

  • Raisins - 200 g;
  • Water - 300 ml;
  • Sugar - 50 g.


How to make plum wine? So, to begin with, select the ripe fruit plums, but in no case do not wash them with water and do not wipe. After all, on the peel there are brewer's yeast, which we need for better fermentation. Next, squeeze out the fruit juice with a juicer, or squeeze the press. Then add water, sugar and put the mixture to ferment in a warm place. In a few days it will be possible to easily separate the juice from the pulp.

Now we make a leaven, for this we pour warmwater unwashed raisins. Add a little sugar, stir until it is completely dissolved and set to wander. Such a leaven will be prepared for you about 4 days. Then gently drain the liquid and immediately use it to make home-made wine from plums.

Mix in a 3:1 juice from sugar (if plums are sour, then you should increase the sugar rate to taste). Fill the prepared starter in a bottle of wort and close it with a water seal, which can be made with a cotton plug with a flexible tube, one end of which is lowered into a vessel with water. In the process of fermentation, carbon dioxide will be released on it, while the young

Wine from plums

Plum red wine will avoid contact with oxygen. Now put the bottle in a dark warm place. </ P>

We constantly check the tightness of the waterThe shutter and how the process of fermentation proceeds. When the bubbles cease to stand out, and the wine becomes a little lighter, merge it with a thin hose from the sediment, pour it into a new vessel and plug it with cotton. We remove the drink in a cold cellar for a day, after which we remove the cotton wool and fill it with paraffin. We store plum wine cooked at home in a horizontal position for 3 months, after which our drink will be finally ready.

You can also prepare and classic homemade wine from grapes, which in the future can serve as an excellent basis for grape vinegar.