Wine from hawthorn at home - recipe

When preparing wine from hawthorn in domesticIt is better to use frozen berries, and if there are none, it is recommended to place freshly harvested fruit in the freezer until it freezes.

Wine from hawthorn at home is an affordable recipe that does not require complex ingredients.

Homemade wine from hawthorn


  • Berries of hawthorn - 3.9 kg;
  • Water - 7.9 l;
  • Sugar - 2,6 kg;
  • Yeast, wine - 10 g.


After touching the dirty hawthorn berries, place them in a glass bottle, where, in the future, wine from the hawthorn will be prepared. Dissolve half a kilogram of sugar in boiled water and pour in a solution of the berry.

Wine yeast is dissolved in 70 ml of water withTemperature not more than 38 degrees. Stir the mass for 15 minutes, and then pour into a bottle. We put a water seal on the bottle and put it in heat for three days. At the same time, periodically shake the must. After three days, we remove the water seal from the bottle and merge the wort liter into a separate container, where we dilute it with 1.2 kg of sugar. The mixture is poured into the main container and closed with a hydraulic seal. After a week, strain the wine, squeezed out the berries. For greater fermentation, add the remaining sugar and clog the bottle with a water seal. The fermentation will end in 45-55 days. By this time, the wine will lighten and it can be poured for aging.

If you want to repeat homemade wine from hawthorn without yeast, then use about 170-180 grams of unwashed raisins, repeating the above technology.

Wine from hawthorn with lemon


  • Berries of hawthorn - 2.4 kg;
  • Lemon - 170 g;
  • Sugar - 1,2 kg;
  • Water - 4 liters;
  • Yeast - 10 g.


Before making homemade wine fromHawthorn, rinsed berries are placed in a bottle, add citrus zest and pour the ingredients with boiling water. Leave the base of the wine to cool, then mash the berries, squeeze and add the lemon juice with sugar and yeast. Stir thoroughly and put in heat until the fermentation is complete. We pour the wine on suitable containers and insist for 4 months before consumption.