Sourdough of wine for raisins

The cause of the transformation of berry or fruit juicein wine is alcohol fermentation, for the emergence of which the presence of certain yeast microorganisms (fungi) is necessary. Ideally, on the surface of berries and fruits are wild yeast, which contribute to fermentation when preparing wine. But often these very yeast is not enough or not at all. This happens after long torrential rains, which they simply wash off from the surface of the fruit. In this case, the fermentation process must be helped by feeding the wort with wine yeast or so-called ferment.

It can be cooked from anyunwashed berries, more often it's raspberries and strawberries, and freshly bred grapes. Today we will consider the preparation of a starter from raisins. The advantage of the method is its ability to use it at any time of the year, without being tied to the period of ripening of various berries.

A sourdough of raisins can be used forcooking wine from apples, from grapes, from cherries or from any other berries and fruits. It is especially expedient to use it if the raw material has certain impurities and it must be washed beforehand. You can safely proceed to water procedures, because ferment strength of starter will be enough for active alcohol fermentation and without wild yeast.

How to make a leaven of raisins for wine - a recipe


  • Dark raisins - 200 g;
  • purified water - 350 ml;
  • Granulated sugar - 50 g.


Prepare a yeast starter for wine from raisinsExtremely simple. The main thing is to take a quality product for this purpose and in no case to wash it. Ideally, it is better to find raisins home, not treated, because store analogues are often stuffed with chemicals and may simply not contain the necessary yeast bacteria on the surface. If the dried berries with tails are fine, this will only intensify the fermentation processes. Raisins should be dark, dense and matte. Shine on dried berries is an acknowledgment that they are processed with non-natural ingredients, which is unlikely to be beneficial when preparing the starter.

We fall asleep the necessary amount of raisins inPre-sterilized bottle, pour it a little tepid water, add sugar and shake to make the crystals disappear. You can first warm the water with sugar, so that the crystals melt, then cool it and then add it to the raisins. We close the bottle with a loose cotton swab and have it in a warm place for three or four days. A ready ferment for wine can be stored after this no more than ten days on the shelf of the refrigerator. After a while, it simply sours and becomes absolutely unsuitable for use in winemaking.

How much starter from raisins it is necessary to addIn wort to make apple or any other wine? The amount of leaven that should be added to the must depends on the strength of the wine you want to get. To get dry and semisweet wine, you need to take from one to two percent of the leaven to the total amount of wort, and for dessert wine - 2.5-3 percent. So, for example, if the wort you have five liters, then for a dry or semisweet wine you need to take 50 or 100 grams, respectively. For a dessert drink of ferment, 125-150 grams will be required in this case. With large amounts of wort, we proportionally increase the amount of ferment for wine.

Preliminary preparation of the ferment for wineFrom raisins and its further use in winemaking will reduce the risk of failures associated with insufficient or absent fermentation to a minimum and make the finished wine more quality, because raw materials can be taken for a drink thoroughly washed.