how to store grapes

Grapes, of course, can be processed,Preparing from it a delicious juice, compote or jam. But it is much more useful to use berries in fresh form, so it is more expedient to try to keep the cut bunches fresh as long as possible, especially since it is absolutely easy to do.

Next, we will tell you how to properly and where it is best to store grapes at home, and reveal secrets and details that will help you to enjoy the fresh taste and aroma of your favorite berries for a long time.

In a city apartment, there is nothing left to do but put the grapes in the refrigerator.

How to store cut bunches of grapes in the refrigerator?

If you plan to store grapes more than threeDays, it is not recommended to wash it before being placed in the refrigerator compartment. On the surface of berries present natural wax coating, which prevents quick deterioration of berries and which must be protected and the maximum wash just before use grapes. Cutted bunches need to be reconsidered and get rid of spoiled and rotten specimens. Grape storage must be flawless, without damages and completely dry.

It is not recommended to place the bunches of grapes inThe refrigerator next to the smelling products. This can significantly spoil the taste of your favorite treats, since berries have the ability to absorb odors.

How to store grapes in a cellar - harvesting for the winter

If there is a cellar, grapes can be successfullykeep fresh until spring. The main thing to choose for this is late, not fastidious varieties and to know some of the subtleties of their storage. Bunches of grapes can be simply arranged on shelves with lime, poplar or straw straws, and pour them with the same sawdust in spacious boxes. Be sure to check every berry before harvesting and get rid of bad and suspicious specimens. If there is such a possibility, then it is possible to hang the clusters on poles.

Before using the cellar as aStorage for the grapes of its walls must first be whitewashed with lime, well dried, then fumed with sulfur and ventilate. The temperature in the cellar when storing grapes should not exceed six degrees with a plus sign. It is also necessary to minimize the risk of high humidity in the room. To do this, in one of the corners it is necessary to place a container with dry charcoal or quicklime.