Today, few people can be surprised by a variety of exotic fruits, which here and there are found on the shelves of stores.

Not only was nature rewarded by manthe opportunity to admire such creations. So everyone can taste any fruit and try with anything incomparable taste. But not only in taste business! If you at least once saw all these fruits in one place, you would understand that this is a real colorful paradise. It's even steeper than the colors of the rainbow! Do not believe me! Then look and remember!

1. Dragon Fruit


An unusual fruit is considered a fruit of a cactus, and evenIn its shape and outer shell resembles just a spiny root crop. There is a dragon fruit in Mexico, as well as Central and South America. In many countries it is also known as Pitaya, a pearl of a dragon or a strawberry pear. This fruit has a pleasant sweet taste, reminiscent of a mixture of strawberries and pears. Pitaya is used either as an independent dish, or as an excellent addition to vodka or all sorts of desserts. But, remember that before you try the dragon fruit, you will have to get rid of a huge amount of black seeds in the pulp of the Pitaya.

2. Kivanoe


Exotic fruit growing on the territoryAfrica, California, Chile, Australia and New Zealand. The world has several names: an African horned cucumber, an anti-cucumber cucumber, a horned melon, an anguria. In its form resembles a hybrid of melon and cucumber. The taste of kiwano is quite unusual and looks like a mix of bananas, lemon and cucumber. An interesting mixture, is not it? Most often it is used as a decorative element, although the fruit, of course, is edible and has a rich supply of useful vitamins. It is not recommended to keep it in the refrigerator!

3. Rambutan


Rambutan grows in Indonesia. He attracts most people precisely with his unique hairy shell and red skin color. Do not be scared, because the fruit is very easy to clean. To taste Rambutan recalls another exotic fruit - Lychee, sweet to taste. This fruit can be used almost from a branch, and if you learn a couple of recipes for dishes with rambutan, then you can surprise even the sophisticated gourmet.

4. Jackfruit


Jackfruit is known throughout the world as an IndianBread tree and national pride of Bangladesh. Of all the fruits that exist on the planet, the jackfruit is considered the largest. The smell of cut fruit resembles a mixture of banana and pineapple. The taste is almost the same. Jackfruit can be eaten raw. In some countries of the pulp make a delicious marmalade. Unripe fruit fruits are used as a vegetable, which can be stewed, boiled, fried.

5. Liches


The motherland of this amazing fruit is acceptedconsider China. Currently, lychee is grown throughout the entire territory of Southeast Asia. In its form, the litchi resembles small nuts in a dense red skin with a brown bone inside. To taste the fruit resembles pulp of white grapes. You can use it in raw form or for a variety of desserts. In any case, you will definitely appreciate the taste of this wonderful fruit.

6. Carambola


The homeland of this fruit is usually consideredSouth-East Asia, where the carambola grows everywhere. Carambola is a "star fruit", got its name because of the correct five-pointed star in the cut. To taste happens, both sour, and sweet. Sour varieties of carambola are most often used in salads, while the sweet variety resembles a mixture of grapes, lemon and mango. Carambola is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and also low in calories.

7. Mangosteen


Mangosteen is considered an exotic fruit andgrows in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as in parts of South-East and South Asia. This fruit resembles large purple balls with a tight, dense skin. But the most interesting thing about mangosteen is its flesh-splitting, which resembles an orange to taste. There is a legend that this fruit was favorite dainty of Queen Victoria, so behind the scenes among the fruits it is called "king".

8. Kumquat


More recently, many people do not evensuspected of what "kumquat" is. Today it can be found in almost every store and not even surprised. This fruit grows in the south of China, in the USA, Southern Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Externally, kumquat is similar to small fire-orange fruits of ellipse shape. Practically like balls for rugby, only in a very reduced form. The taste of this fruit is specific: juicy sweet notes resonate with a sharp sour taste. You can eat kumquat both raw and for preparing various dishes.

9. Passion fruit

Passion fruit

The birthplace of passion fruit is Brazil, but it alsoactively grows in Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa, Hawaii and the Philippines. This fruit has many interesting names: the passion fruit, the passiflora edible, passionflower and grenadilla. In appearance, the fruit of passion is like a regular purple plum with a thick skin. The taste of ripe passion fruit is sweet and juicy. Of course, the fruit can be eaten raw, but most often it is used as a juice or an additive.

10. Lemoncello, or lemon-verdera


Perhaps, many did not hear that there is such afruit. But they know for sure that there is a well-known liqueur of the same name, which Italy is famous for. Homeland of this fruit is the Republic of Dominican Republic, but thanks to Italy limoncello learned around the world. Do not say that the taste of the fruit is almost the same as that of a ripe lemon, but the smell! The aroma of lemon-verder is so terrific that no kind of lemons can compare with it. Externally, limoncello look like small lemon grasses green with a dense zest. You can eat either entirely, or for cooking all kinds of dishes.