Central Asian Shepherd Dog at home

Experts argue that the contentCentral Asian Shepherd at home requires responsibility and certain knowledge. Representatives of the breed are difficult to educate and aggressive towards strangers. This is due to the fact that the breed was created for heavy work in the air and protection of sheep flocks. A suitable environment for Alabai will be cottages, private homes, industrial and military facilities.

At home, the Central Asian Shepherd Dogshould constantly walk for 2 3 hours and provide intensive training. Otherwise, the dog may begin to disobey the owner, growl at guests and household members, rush on animals.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog - care and education

Alabai refers to Molsoids so heinherent stubbornness, independence, confidence in the forces. The character and qualities of the Central Asian Shepherd are aimed at ensuring the protection of livestock, movable and immovable property rights. This is expressed in high territoriality, that is, the adult "Central Asian" means under the protected territory not only the place of residence, but also the premises in which it is located for 2-3 hours, the owner's car, his personal belongings, etc. Outside personal territory the dog is indifferent to strangers.

Education alabai need to start with the earlyage. The basic commands: "lie", "fu", "place" and "impossible" the dog perceives at the age of 2 months. Team "next" can be taught at 3 months. Aloid muzzle can be started from 4 months. If there is no way to deal with the animal, it is better to instruct her to the cynologist. If the dog is not well trained, it can become a threat to your society and even your family.

An important role is played by the diet of the Middle Asian Shepherd. On the day of the adult dog it is better to cook soup based on meat (beef or veal) and cereals. Include in the diet not fatty fish and vegetables.

Pay attention to the fact that vitamin and mineraladditives. Due to the lack of a group of vitamins A, E, C, a number of trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iodine) in the diet, the Central Asian sheep dog is exposed to such diseases as swelling of the extremities, helminthic invasion, obesity and arrhythmia.