Turkmen Shepherd

The majestic and full virtues of Alabai at onceMake you feel respect for yourself. With such a huge, lion-like dog, you can safely go for a walk. It is worth it for a moment to show at least a fringe of fangs, as a potential abuser instantly retires far away. But they can also rush to the enemy at lightning speed, so there is almost no chance for an enemy in a skirmish with such a dog. What is the Central Asian Shepherd Turkmen alabai, is it worth starting a representative of this beautiful breed at home?

Central Asian Shepherd Alabai - character

Some ask if there is a difference betweensuch breeds are the Central Asian Shepherd, Turkmen and Alabai. All these names refer to the same dogs, possessing not only a beautiful view, but also a rather interesting character. Turkmen shepherds are able to adapt very quickly to new conditions. They will not bark in vain, bother, voice is given only at a really real danger. Alabai will not be hysterically barking, he will show the voice at the sight of someone else, will give his power to understand and expect the further actions of the stranger. The menacing look of the "Asian" is more eloquent than the endless barking.

Turkmen shepherd alabay will be goodCompanion for the athlete. In the race they are not far behind the horse, but in the water they behave perfectly, arranging fun games with the owner. Many like how they tow a swimmer, delivering from such fun a lot of fun.

Territoriality in Alabai is congenital, it is wortha little bit to him to stay on this site, and the dog himself will begin to protect him from strangers. Its second quality is conservatism. These dogs like to work in familiar conditions, clearly understanding their tasks. Still with puppies they need to be accustomed to enriched environment, to cars, noisy streets. Otherwise, a pet torn from a familiar environment can manifest aggression.

The Turkmen shepherd is a strong animal,It is difficult for an ordinary person to compete in an open confrontation with him. Therefore, with them you need to behave delicately, imperceptibly to become for the dog an indisputable authority. The master must turn for the "Asian" ward into a leader so that he can not even imagine, check his strength. Only in this case you will get a lot of pleasure from communication with Alabama and not have any problems from the clever dog.