Training Alabai

Many owners and even professional breedersBelieve that the breed of Alabai dogs does not succumb to any training. Argumentation is that Alabayev has a fairly high level of intelligence and any inactivity of the owner, associated with the failure of the team, the dog perceives as a possible behavior, and then to make it do what it does not want will be extremely difficult.

Features of the Alabai breed

Alabai puppies can be trained if rememberedFeatures of this breed. It's a shepherd's dog, which means, at the genetic level, she's used to live in a pack with other dogs and perform what the pack leader wants. Therefore, it is very important from the first days to show that it is you who are the master, and it is your teams that the puppy must perform scrupulously. Experienced cynologists advise for this to walk with the dog in different, unknown places, and also to carry the dog in the car, in public transport. In an unfamiliar environment, any puppy gets lost, and you remain calm and confident, show yourself as a real leader of the pack, which can help cope with the difficult situation.

Alabai training at home

Education and training Alabai is based on the study of several basic commands. The remaining commands are learned at the request of the host.

The first and strongest team for Alabai is hisname. It is necessary to ensure that at the first utterance of her name the dog would leave all affairs and pay all attention to you. When learning nicknames, only positive reinforcement is used.

When the nickname is learned you can begin to studyTeam "To me!" Her study should take place on a leash, since if the dog tries to break the team, it is necessary to do it quietly, without causing pain, pull it to yourself, so that Alabai learns - it is necessary to carry out the command. The commands "Sit!" And "Next!" Are mastered in the same way.

"Fu!", "No!" Or "You can not!"Are supported by a negative action (for example, twitching on the leash). You need to carefully master this command so that the dog can not rip it off. This will help make Alabai safer for others.