Raising a puppy Alabai

At first glance, the Alabai dog seemsFormidable and terrible, but in fact these animals are very kind and affectionate. A feature of this breed is independence and willful character. These dogs are considered one of the oldest breeds and were bred to protect the herd of cattle from wolves and territories.

Education Alabai at home

Parenting a puppy Alabai should be dealt withThe earliest age. Considering the fact that Alabai is distinguished by its uneasy, independent character, from the age of two months it should be shown that you are predominant over him, and you are the master in the house. Show the dog that you are in charge, and let him know that the commands should be followed implicitly. When communicating with an animal, special calmness and restraint must be observed. This dog respects poise, and if you raise your voice when training it, then from her side it will be regarded as your weakness, which in the future it will necessarily use. At the initial stage of education and training Alabai you can learn such commands:

  • "Lie down";
  • "sit";
  • "vote";
  • "beside";
  • "a place".

You will need a lot of time to petMastered the material, but in the future, the dog will instantly obey and follow directions. Training is best done in those places where there are no distractions, then from the dog you can achieve special concentration.

Alabai, or the Central Asian Shepherd, asCall this breed, has an excellent mindset and a high level of intelligence. Therefore, with proper care and education Alabai can count on excellent protection of your home and the attention of a devoted friend. Unlike other breeds, these dogs guard not only the owner, but also all the territory assigned to him.