Nicknames for Alabayev boys

Alabai is one of the most ancient breedsdogs all over the world. He is a resolute, strong, fearless defender and watchman, and also a loyal friend. The animal has a proportional physique and well developed musculature. In size, the dog is large enough. Alabai is the pride of Turkmenistan, which is why this breed is banned from export.

Characteristics of the breed

This variety of the Central Asian ShepherdIt is easy to determine due to its characteristic appearance. Dogs have a massive head that looks very much like a bear. A short neck with a broad chest, strong paws and a powerful body make a huge impression. Fleshy lips, widely set eyes, small hanging ears of triangular shape - external signs of this breed. The ears and tail of the shepherds often stop. There are dogs, both short-haired and long-haired.

Alabai is an excellent choice for owners who do nothave too much time to care for the animal. After all, the pet's hair does not have the ability to get very dirty. In these animals, it always looks great. But remember that in the spring you will have to clean up your apartment with greater care, because this season is characterized by a strong molt.

How to name an Alabai boy?

If you decide to have in your house such anew friend and defender, like Alabai, he needs to give a suitable name. Before referring to the long lists of nicknames that are characteristic of this breed, try to name your pet yourself. Take a good look at the baby, his behavior, and the name for the Alabai puppy itself can instantly arise in your imagination: Sharp, Zeus, Baron, Thunder, Warrior, Agathon, Bos, Kinder, Orbit, Triumph or Brown. Or maybe the baby's behavior is associated with something else, and you'll call it Dragon, Spot, Crow, Bard, Domino, Edelweiss, Frosty, Coconut, Bruno, Goldie, Sandy, Smoke, Granite or Steel.

If you do not wish to characterize your pet with

Nicknames for Alabayev boys dogs 1

name, you can refer to the following nicknames: Akim, Toraz, Diram, Alik, Topush, Garo, Raffi, Farhad, Arzhuk, Batu, Ralph, Ampir, Arash, Tristan, Taras, Martin. These nicknames are suitable not only for dogs of the Alabai breed, but for any other animal living in your house. It will be wonderful if not only adults but also children begin to think about the question of what to call a pet. Babies often come up with original names. And the child will bring great pleasure.</ P>

Remember that to choose a name for the pet you needtake it very seriously. After all, as a ship you will call, so it will float. Therefore, try to come up with such nicknames for the boys of the Alabai, so that dogs can wear them with joy and pride all their life.