Central Asian Shepherd Dog - characteristics of the breed

Central Asian Shepherd, or Alabai, as many used to call them - is a fearless, calm dog, with a powerful guarding instinct.

Character of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

You can give a description of the breedCentral Asian Shepherd: Strong, independent, intelligent dog, devoted to its owner. Despite the fact that Alabayev is considered to be fighting dogs, they are quite calm and balanced. The Central Asian Shepherd has a less ferocious and aggressive character, unlike her close relative - the Caucasian Shepherd. Alabai is the dominant breed of dogs, they can softly and neutrally refer to other animals in the house, but often exhibit aggression to other dogs. Because of their watchdog instincts, which are very pronounced in them, dogs are suspicious and distrustful of outsiders. In the family, the Central Asian Shepherd has a soft and quivering character, gets along famously with family members, is affectionate towards children and always acts as their defenders. Central Asian Shepherds are playful enough and active, which also positively affects the communication with children.

A big plus of the character of the Central Asian Shepherd is that they are very smart and sensible, they differ in cleanliness and do not spoil the furniture.

Breed Standard

The Central Asian Shepherd has a large, massivebody with well developed musculature. Males are larger than females, their height at the withers may be above 70 cm, in females - from 65 cm. According to the standard of the breed of the Central Asian sheep dog, any colors of wool are allowed: from pure white to brindle, spotted in various combinations except brown and blue colors. Wool covering can have both short (up to 3-5 cm) and long (up to 7-9 cm).

Types of Central Asian Shepherds

It is believed that the Central Asian Shepherd Dog belongs to the group of shepherds' breeds of dog-shaped dogs and has one common ancestor - the Tibetan dog, so it can include such dogs as:

  • Pamirian shepherd dog;
  • Pamirian Shepherd;
  • Turkmen Shepherd;
  • Central Asian Shepherd Dog - breed characteristic1

  • Tajik shepherd dog and some others.

Features of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

A feature of the Central Asian Shepherd is itssize and personality, it may be uncomfortable to keep it in a city apartment. The dog feels better on the street, but does not suffer from heat, so Alabai should have access to shady places.

With a dog it is necessary to be engaged from an early age, andIt will be better if a professional cynologist does this. You should also walk with the dog more often, give him the opportunity to move and accelerate, but do not forget about the safety of people around him and animals.