Sentry dogs for private homes

A dog in a private house is needed, above all, for his protection. Such a dog must meet several requirements - to be large and distrustful to strangers, unpretentious and well trained.

These qualities are not all dogs -For example, animals of hunting and "fighting" breeds for protection will not approach. Unsuccessful choice will also be dogs without undercoat (boxers, Dobermans, Cane Corso, etc.), which in the winter on the street will have a hard time. Rescue dogs (Newfoundland, Labrador, Doberman) are also not the best guards - they are completely friendly to people, even outsiders.

So what kind of dog breeds will suit as a watchdog for a private house?

The best guard dog for a private house - what is it?

Dog handlers recommend choosing one of the five breeds described below to protect the house:

  1. Alabai (Central asian shepherd dog). In animals of this breed, a territorial instinct is very developed, so it is not necessary to teach it to defend its yard and house. However, Alabai can be very wayward, so you have to work hard on the obedience of such a pet. Begin training dog-guard of the breed Central Asian Shepherd dog experts are advised immediately, as soon as you brought her to your house.
  2. Sentry dogs for private homes1

  3. Moscow watchdog. The name of this breed speaks for itself! "Muscovites" are excellent watchmen, because they are very strong, spiteful towards strangers and at the same time unpretentious in their care. Correctly raising such a dog, you will get not only a good guard, but also a loyal friend. From the minuses of the breed can be called a certain need for physical activity: such a dog needs movement, a short chain is contraindicated.
  4. Sentry dogs for private homes2

  5. Rottweiler. Although they refer to smooth-haired, theseDogs are well developed undercoat. Thanks to this, they feel comfortable in a moderately cold winter. Rottweiler is a distrustful and vigilant guardian of the territory, but he can be very stubborn too. This quality should be taken into account when training a puppy of this breed.
  6. Sentry dogs for private homes3

  7. German Shepherd. This is a universal option - this breedIs quite suitable for protection, because shepherds are unpretentious and excellent in training. It is well known that they are also very intelligent by nature, but this does not mean that sheep dogs do not need education.
  8. Sentry dogs for private homes4

  9. Complete the rating of guard dogs for a private house Airedale - medium-sized breed. This "king of the terriers" is vigilant and sensitive. Although in itself it is not evil, but protects its territory regularly. Such a dog will not only be a reliable guard, but also an excellent companion, sportsman, hunter and friend for your children.
  10. Sentry dogs for private homes5