Names for small dogs

Your family has increased. In it there was one more small, and at the same time a significant personality - you have a dog. He is not yet fully educated, but already loves you very much. What a beautiful name to give a new household, if he is from the breed of small dogs? Sometimes such a question becomes a real problem. If the family is more than three people, each of whom puts forward his proposals, not in any way consistent with the proposal of a relative, the dog can remain without a name for a long time. And it can turn out that the pet throughout his life continues to be called Pesik or Dog. To some owners it also seems quite original. Consider below a few more options, which name can be chosen for a small breed of dog, both boys and girls.

Names for little dogs of girls

Little girls dogs are very spectacular andcharismatic, they are often selected by stylish names for them, such as Boni, Eurydice, Alba, Sonia, Bella, Panchita, Tamilla, Christie, Twixie, Buffy and others in the same spirit. After a while you will notice a strange dependence - your shaggy little girl will behave absolutely under her own name. She will become a self-sufficient fashionista and a flirt.

For small dogs, girls can also be given associative names, naming them to suit the association they call for you, such as Businka, Glutton, Brochet, Monroe, Coquette, Baby, Pritti, Gadget.

Names for little boys dogs

Dogs are fully consistent with theirhuman prototype and, like ordinary boys, like to have fun and play. Names for them are fashionable to choose for them - light and uncomplicated, such as Shastik, Chile, Stephen, Bacho, Baxic, Bari, Vudia, Guchi, Prado and others.

Associative names for small dogs of boys can serve as Coal, Brick, Cormic, Black, Skoda, Lychey, Ketchup, Sergeant, Jack, Gerasim, Donut, Korzhik.