The tallest dog

A large tall dog always attracts the eye,Causing delight, and at the same time some fear. However, despite their sometimes huge size, these giant dogs are often good-natured, affectionate and playful. Do you know what is the highest breed of dogs in the world?

The biggest dogs in the world

  1. Russian Black Terrier - this is the dog of the service breed, the growth of the animal can reach 74 cm at the withers. He needs constant communication with his masters and frequent active walks.
  2. The highest dog -1

  3. Male Moscow watchdog Should have an increase (in accordance with the breed standards) about 78 cm. This large dog is balanced, independent and contact. She is fearless and has excellent guarding and watchful qualities.
  4. The tallest dog -2

  5. Giant dog Newfoundland Or a diver has great power. She is very intelligent and extremely affectionate, knows how to make independent decisions.
  6. The tallest dog -3

  7. Growth Tibetan mastiff Reaches 81 cm. This obedient, restrained and calm animal. In addition, this dog is surprisingly clean. She knows how to perfectly protect the house, and also be an excellent friend for all household members.
  8. The tallest dog is -4

  9. Reindeer greyhound or Scottish dirhound Calm and friendly. Gray-blue wool perfectly protects the animal from frosts and winds.
  10. The tallest dog is -5

  11. Wayward Russian hound greyhound Was bred for hunting wolves. The growth of a male can reach 82 cm, but its weight does not exceed 50 kg, which is due to the structure of this hound.
  12. The tallest dog -6

  13. Alabai Independent, intelligent and willful. The largest representative of this breed, nicknamed Bulldozer, lives in Russia. If the dog rises to the hind legs, then its head will be almost two meters high.
  14. The tallest dog is 7

  15. Growth Spanish mastiff Can reach 88 cm at the withers. He is noble, intelligent and calm. Can become an excellent companion for any family member.
  16. The tallest dog is 8

  17. Dogs of ancient breed English mastiff Can have growth up to 91 cm. The record holder of this breed is mastiff named Aikama Zorba. It has a height of 94 cm, and weighs more than 155 kg. These dogs are distinguished by courage, poise, peace.
  18. The tallest dog is 9

  19. The tallest and largest dog in the world is considered to be German dog. The animal has a beautiful balancedaddition. A bright representative of this tall rock is the dog called Zeus. Its height is 111.8 cm, it weighs more than 70 kg. It is a noble, strong and at the same time very elegant dog.
  20. The tallest dog -10