Beautiful names for kittens

In your house there was a joyful event -there was a kitten! And then the problem arises: how to call it? After all, each owner wants to come up with the most beautiful name for his kitten. If a kitten was taken from the breeders, then they probably already gave him a name. However, the owner can give the pet any other name he likes.

Today there are many unusual and beautifula nickname for kittens. Choose a name for the kitten is not so simple. After all, it must correspond to the nature and external data of the future cat or cat. The kitten, who was given the nickname Skoda, will not become obedient, and the kitty Zlyuka will not be affectionate.

To the cat quickly remember his nickname andbegan to react to it, pick up a short, sonorous name, consisting of vowels and sonorous or sibilant consonants. If you still want to choose a beautiful long name for a kitten, then call your baby better by a short diminutive pet name.

Sometimes a name for a kitten is chosen depending onits breed. For example, a cat of Asian breed can give a refined name, and for the European breed a modern and elegant nickname will suit. The British nickname or the lop-eared cat is suitable for English names, and the breeds from South America - bright cowboy names.

Beautiful names for kitten-boys

A kitten-boy can be called such a beautiful name:

  • Archie;
  • Baysik;
  • Garfy;
  • Joker;
  • Jean;
  • Zeus;
  • Locke;
  • Pierre;
  • Nathan;
  • Ricci;
  • Fiji and others.

Beautiful names for kittens-girls

For a kitten-girl, such original names will suit:

  • Aisa;
  • Aza;
  • Busya;
  • Bonnie;
  • Daisy;
  • Dessie;
  • Jozzy;
  • Beautiful names for kittens1

  • Zara;
  • Cassie;
  • Guillemot;
  • Ozzie;
  • Pussy;
  • Glad;
  • Raquel;
  • Sheila and many others.

Remember that on how you call your kitten, his future life will depend. Therefore, do not call the baby too difficult to perceive by nickname.