Design of a country house

The choice of a suitable design for a holiday home depends on theseveral factors: the size of the house, its location, as well as the way the owners want to see it: whether it is a cozy hideaway from a city bustle or a luxurious residence in nature.

Design of the front of the cottage house

The idea of ​​the appearance of the facade is usually formed during the design of the country house. Consider the most fashionable now ideas for the design of the facade.

The modern design of the country house assumesuse of a large number of glass surfaces and metal. Such houses are very light and look airy. But such facades are not suitable for areas with a cold climate, since such houses do not keep the heat very well.

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Design of a cottage house2

Design of country house3

Natural design involves the use in the finish of natural stone or materials, its imitating, as well as wood. It is best for a small cottage and the design of a country house.

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Design of a cottage 5

Design of a cottage house6

Scandinavian design - white walls with dark outer beams - fresh, but very interesting and not difficult to implement the idea.

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Design of a holiday home8

Design of a holiday home9

Design of a holiday home inside

The design of a cottage's living room can be either accentuated simple, or accented with luxuriant and expensive. However, the whole situation should visually expand the space.

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The design of the mansard floor of the country house is betterchoose the most simple. The colors are suitable for light and pastel shades. An interesting option - the design of the country house in the style of Provence. It assumes enough light and calm colors, a large amount of textiles. In addition, in this style, you can use old wooden furniture, which is no longer suitable for a city house or apartment.

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The optimal solution for kitchen design in the countryhome - the use of one of the rustic, not too fanciful styles. If the kitchen is large enough, then in its finish you can use natural stone or brick. It is also worth starting from the size when choosing colors: for a small kitchen the palette should be lighter than for a large one.

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