Landscaping of a country house

You bought a country house, did it in itrepair, but what to do with the site adjacent to the house - do not know. And after all, using the ideas of landscape design of a country house and, of course, certain money, you can make a blossoming oasis and a favorite place for rest of your whole family and guests from the piece of land.

Modern landscape design of a country house site

Drawing up a work plan for creating a landscapedesign, should proceed from the size of the site itself. If there is a large plot of land near your house, open lawns, flower beds, a swimming pool and the necessary additional buildings can be designed on it. There is an erroneous opinion that it is easier to draw up a large plot than a small one. In fact, you need to make a lot of effort to properly select, as well as correctly place various objects on the site. At the same time, all of them should be very harmoniously integrated into the general view of the site, leaving no vacant spaces, but also not cluttering it.

On a large plot you can plant tall trees: for example, horse chestnut or white acacia, mountain ash or bird cherry. Some element of exotics will add a growing spindle on the site, changing its shade of leaves several times a season.

Planning a small plot of several hundred,You should carefully select a place for any decorative object. Refuse large lawns and spacious verandas. If the distance from the porch of the house to the road is not more than ten meters, then it is better to focus on green plantations and flowers. Trees and shrubs, partially closing the house, will make the site more cozy and comfortable.

An open lawn is the simplest idealandscape design of a country house. The most popular are lawns garden, ground and non-torn. If you are not satisfied with an empty lawn with grass, you can decorate the site with dwarf ornamental trees or shrubs. For example, you can plant a box on the site. Applying a figured haircut of this tree, you can give it the most original shapes, which will look very impressive. It is possible, if desired, to coat the wall of the house with wild grapes, which does not require special care.

A wonderful ornament of any site will beflower beds and flower beds. When choosing plants for them, you do not need to collect all kinds of flowers in one flower bed. You also need to be careful when choosing the color scheme of plants, so that the flower garden does not look too colorful, and many bright colors do not cut your eyes.

In addition, the flowers should be selected in height. In the foreground flower beds should grow low flowers, and along the edges - tall plants with long stems. There is one more feature when choosing flowers for flower beds - roses and some other plants do not compete, so they should be planted separately. And other flowers, for example, marigolds or bindweed, will only benefit from the neighborhood of other plants.

By breaking the flower bed, you can lay smooth edges along its edgesmall pebbles, which during the rain will prevent the blurring of the soil from the flower bed onto the path. If desired, you can build on the site, even a small garden of stones.

If you decide to build a pool on your site,then remember that he must be in a secluded place, away from prying eyes. Instead of the pool, you can equip the site with a small artificial pond, a small waterfall or even a fountain.

Add practicality and convenience to the sitewill help an open veranda, a terrace or a gazebo. Do not forget about the place for the barbecue. These elements can be ennobled, for example, with the help of grapes or other climbing plants. The main thing is that these buildings are not knocked out of a general design idea.

Particular attention is given to the landscape design of the country house roads. When they are planned, the appearance of the house and the fence should be taken into account.

It is impossible to determine what should be the bestlandscape design of a country house, because it depends on many factors. Observe in all measure and harmony, and then your country site will become a favorite place for relaxation and recreation.

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