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Comfortable living in a private house is impossiblewithout high-quality and beautiful lamps. Lighting the country house site is a kind of art, allowing to create a unique landscape design. In addition, it is a vital necessity for making safe movement around the yard.

Rules of lighting a country house site

There are some areas that should be obligatory to cover - entrance and exit, the house itself, a resting place, balconies, terraces, a garden. Lighting is divided into general, local and decorative.

Under general lighting, there is an option in which the sources of direct scattered light are used. Local - used for a specific site.

Decorative - used to create a unique interior of the site.

It is important to place a functional corelighting along the tracks, on the porch, in all places of movement. An opaque lamp of various bizarre shapes gives scattered light. Such illuminators can be located throughout the territory - low along the tracks, in the lounge zone, high on the exit territory.

To illuminate the pool, fountain or porch, you canuse LED lights. They can be attached to the wall from below at a certain angle. It is possible to use lamps with different color palette and change it with the help of a controller or remote control. Thus, you can achieve amazing visual effects, emphasize individual sections of the building and give the room an irresistible look.

Floodlights with motion sensors - great for lighting such spaces as a garage, utility buildings, parking spaces, as well as the porch of the house.

Using a flexible LED tube with multicolored lamps, you can highlight the balcony, the perimeter of the building, the windows. Contour lighting can beautifully depict the facade, columns, railing, elements of the roof.

Decorative lighting in the form of LED tape is often used to decorate the garden - bridges, bushes, trees. The garden and park lights perfectly illuminate the paths and plants.

Properly organized street lightingsections of the country house will give the property a special beauty and charm. Modern technologies make it possible to combine different models of instruments to achieve a unique result.

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