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The design of the country house site should beginWith a well-written plan, this work can be done both independently and by inviting a specialist in landscape design. The work done is necessary in order to maximize the rational use of the area of ​​the site without leaving hard-to-reach, empty areas, and harmoniously arrange them next to each other.

This is especially important for the organization of designLarge sections of country houses, because you need to take into account not only the location of buildings, gardens, recreational areas, but also to harmonize all this with energy and water communications, heating and irrigation systems.

Important factors in the design of the site

Developing the landscape design of the country house site, you should pay attention to the terrain, it must be taken into account when building a house, outbuildings and the location of communications.

Of great importance is the shape of the site and itsLocation relative to the horizon, these factors affect the location of the house and garden, for them it is very important to use the features of natural lighting.

It is necessary to take into account the type of soil, it depends on itFertility. If the soil is loamy or sandy, there will be a need for additional importation of land, or careful care for it. Therefore, an important issue will be the proximity of the ground water body, the level of groundwaters affecting spring floods.

Only taking into account all these factors, you can avoid negative moments in the aftermath, and proceed directly to the organization of the landscape design of the country house site.

The first one is a residential area and a place forGarage, terrace, summer kitchen. Further, away from it should be equipped with a recreation area, equipped with playgrounds for barbecue, children's games. For the garden and garden chosen the most lit place, which easily penetrate the sun's rays, and there is the possibility of watering. Well, and finally, there is a working area, on which it is possible to place farm buildings for keeping domestic animals.

Creative landscape design of the suburban areaAt home, there are interesting, decorative elements, an original concept and motifs based on your personal preferences, embodied creative fantasies. Before you create a "small Eden" on your site, it is worth to familiarize yourself with catalogs or information on the Internet, it will help you choose the style and elements in the design of landscape design, will prompt creative ideas and techniques for creating it.

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