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Various ideas for design of countryhouses should be considered at the stage of its design, while it is advisable to consult with a professional architect and designer. The design of a country house looks harmonious in the event that there is a general concept of construction of a building and its decoration.

Some rules for finishing the design of a country house

When choosing a facade design for a country house,take into account many different factors. Features of the climate of the zone where the building is located, will dictate their requirements for the choice of finishing material. Also, determined by the choice of the facade design, it is necessary to pay attention to the specificity of the territory, the surrounding landscape, the nearby buildings, the stylistic solution should not combine a large number of different directions, it is better if there are not more than three.

The design of the facade design should take into accounteven the smallest details, because the decorative design of the appearance of the building, a thoughtful combination of all components is capable of giving the building an original, refined, respectable look, and spoil the impression of the appearance of a country house. A very important component in this process is the harmoniously matched facing and finishing materials, their texture and colors.

Also important in the design of the facadeIt is also given to the style in which the whole design of the country house will be executed. Choosing a style direction, you should pay attention to how your desires coincide with the opportunities, how statusful and rich, or simply, unpretentious, but, at the same time, nice and cozy, your house should look like.

When decorating the facade, you can resort tonon-standard solutions, for example, fixing on it metal cassettes, install in them pots with fresh flowers, which will certainly give originality and revitalize the appearance of the building.

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For example, the design of a country house in styleProvence, being the favorite of this season, assumes cold, restrained tones, very often it is made with the use of white color, there are no rough elements, it is characterized by elegance and refinement. Style Provence, based on economic considerations, does not always suit the developer, as it requires expensive natural materials, so either they are replaced with modern artificial analogs, or in this style only a part of the building is trimmed.

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Most of the country houses have a verypopular extensions in the form of verandas and terraces, their design should fully correspond to the external design of the facade, and carefully thought out at the construction stage.

Terraces are open areas for rest, the verandas can be either open or closed, insulated.

The design of the veranda is chosen taking into account the purpose of this area, it can be used exclusively for summer rest, and can serve as a winter garden or even an additional living space.

The terrace is most often simply equipped with a decorative canopy protecting from the sun or rain.

For the design of these buildings, as a rule, not the most expensive materials are used, a large number of decorative elements, very often they are decorated with forged parts.

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Important in a country house and interior designrooms, especially the kitchen, because it is spent a lot of time in large private homes, it is often combined with the living room. This room is the heart of the whole house, it usually gathers the whole family, so its design should be very warm, homely and cozy. This is facilitated by finishing with natural, natural materials.

The perfect design solution is the designkitchen of a drawing room by various breeds of wood, its invoice is in full harmony with an environment, the nature. It will also add charm and respectability and use in the design of natural or artificial stone, in a country house it looks fairly harmonious and advantageous.

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