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Many of us dream of having a beautiful countrysidehouse, a perfectly-level green lawn in front of his porch and a neat fence, storing all this splendor from uninvited encroachments. Of course, to have such a picture before your eyes is half the battle. But still need to more clearly represent the design, to create a cozy home, not only inside, but also outside.

We plan a design of a country house outside

Approach to planning the external design of the house needs to be thorough. At the stage of designing the future house or when choosing from standard projects, you need to solve a few basic questions:

  1. In which style would you like to fulfill the facade of your house.
  2. What construction and decoration materials do you plan to use?
  3. Do you want the house to fully match the existing buildings on the street, or will it stand out against the general background, and how bright in this case should it be from an architectural point of view.
  4. What will be the color palette and the features of the exterior decor.
  5. What other objects will surround the house (garage, farm buildings, etc.) and how important it is that all together constitute one common ensemble.

Undoubtedly, the design options of the house outside are unthinkable, especially considering the huge assortment of finishing materials and stylistic directions that can be implemented with their help.

Finishing materials and the design of the walls of the house outside

If you consider the classification of facades of private houses by the option of finishing, you can immediately identify 2 main ways - finishing with natural and artificial materials.

The design of the house outside, finished with wood isalways aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, warm and reliable. Of course, subject to the selection of suitable wood and proper care for it. The tree has good thermal insulation characteristics, contributes to the creation of a pleasant microclimate in the house due to the fact that the walls of the house "breathe". In addition, the wooden facade is always very nice and cozy, close to nature.

As for style directions, with their treecan be very much - from a simple village house to a modern house in the style of high-tech. Alpine chalet, French Provence, English country, Russian log hut - all these designs are embodied with wooden trim of the houses on the outside.

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Another natural material for decoration - stone,natural and artificial. This finish is undoubtedly the most durable and reliable. Wild stone or its artificial analog always look expensive and presentable, speaking about the good prosperity and excellent taste of the owner.

In this case, you can either completely encloseexterior walls, and combine stone and other finishing materials. All the same, the end result will be amazing. Styles that accept stone finishes - country, chalet, gothic and many others.

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Not less attractive are the designs of houses finishedoutside with a brick. In general, clinker bricks have been gaining popularity recently, as this material is environmentally friendly, durable, durable, able to protect the exterior walls of the house from any weather dislocations.

The design of such a house can be performed in a strictEnglish style or florid classic. However, even more modern urban styles quite accept brick as an exterior decoration of houses.

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Of the less expensive ways of finishing houses, you cancall the plaster. For example, the design of a single-storey house, decorated with decorative plaster on the outside, can look very presentable, while you will not spend a lot of money and will be able to implement almost any style trends, be it classic or modern high-tech style.

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