Street Lighting Private House

In the daytime, we rarely pay attention tolocation of luminaires on the site. And only with the advent of twilight it becomes clear how much the street lighting fixtures are correctly located, and how they can affect the appearance of the facade in the evening.

Organization of street lighting

Competently choose the lighting and harmoniously fitits in the design of the site is quite simple. Any job is always easier to divide into stages and perform everything step by step. Once you decide on the general style of your yard, you can proceed to a more detailed design.

  1. For the organization of the driveway idealsuitable street lighting in the form of lamps on a fairly high legs. Here it is expedient to use economical durable light sources. The lighting itself is usually regulated by a switch, a twilight relay or a switch.
  2. Street lighting for a country house in the areawickets is also important. As a rule, they try to illuminate the two pillars of the gates themselves and thus indicate their dimensions. Here, the light is most suitable for floor lamps with frosted plafonds with a spherical or ellipsoidal diffuser. Preferably choose in favor of a twilight relay, the lamps are preferably gas-discharge. It is allowed to install street lighting in the form of street lamps in the immediate vicinity of the columns.
  3. Street lighting of a private house along the walkway along theThe direction to the entrance doors is most often carried out with the help of an anfada from the floor lamps. Approximately the same situation with garden paths. Your task is only to highlight them a little and make the movement around the site safe. Therefore it is not recommended to use too strong a lamp. Such light bars illuminate about three meters around themselves, and the light is directed only downwards.
  4. Street lighting at home in the area of ​​economicbuildings and various outbuildings is usually carried out with the help of lamps directly above the entrance. Typically, they use economical energy-saving lamps that will last for ten years. This makes it possible to cover even the most distant and shaded areas during the entire dark time of the day, and at the same time save significantly on the bills for electricity.
  5. Street lighting for gazeboare small suspended structures directly in the center of the flow. The light should be soft. It is advisable to choose a ceiling with a so-called opal diffuser, but if the arbor without a roof, it is worth considering the suspension lamp.

Whichever type of street lighting a private house you havenot picked up. it must necessarily meet all the requirements for lamps and lamps used outdoors. As practice shows, saving on them is more expensive. When buying a quality and energy-saving lighting equipment, you get a guarantee for it and solve the problem for several years.

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