Street lights for a country house

The issue of lighting the site just seems simple. Buy beautiful street lights a little, will also have to solve the issue of functionality for a country house, installation and uniformity of light. That's why we'll have to plan the location of each lamp and do the laying of communications and plotting the site simultaneously.

Street lights for a country house and their purpose

To begin with, any home lightingsend either to the group of security or decorative lighting, it is also called functional. The second type is needed for security and consists of lighting gazebo, tracks, perimeter of the site. As for decorative lighting, it only complements the compositions on the flower beds, decorates the pool and other areas.

But for the purpose and appearance, all street lights we will divide into:

  • built-in, which are really built directly into the ground,also they are placed on a vertical surface (usually this way, the paths for a country house, a place by the pool, they can be street wall lights located below);
  • so called stakes also used to highlight the paths, sometimesThis is part of the designer's design for the design of the landscape solution (here you will find strict minimalist designs, decorative in the form of fungi or sculptures);
  • more modern solution - bollards, which are pulled out of the ground and the light flux is directed directly to the desired part of the site;
  • for our eyes habitual remain Lanterns of a lacing type, representing a support with a spherical lamp, the light flux in this case spreads in all directions;
  • look original light bollards, capable of high-quality lighting of flower beds, paths and a plot near the house;
  • directly for the pool or a small pond there is floating balls.

At present, you will find all kinds of lamps forstreet lighting from luminescent to "halogen". But for street lighting of a private house, LED lights are in demand. And such popularity is quite justified. The fact is that LED lights have high efficiency, the luminous flux of them is clean and monochrome, and for street lighting in a private house, this is an ideal solution. However, the main advantage is low energy consumption.

Tips for using street lights for a country house

Regardless of whether you are buying street wall lights for a country house, or installing lamps on stands, there are several principles for approaching this issue.

  1. First, let us touch upon the question of ergonomics. In pursuit of the amount you risk flooding your site with light and at the same time get the opposite effect, and even with a blow to your family budget. That is why it is necessary to arrange the lanterns in such a way as to divide the lighting into zones, while hiding the most inconspicuous areas.
  2. Accents are made on the house, a couple of the mostsuccessful elements of the landscape. All the lights are selected taking into account the chosen style of arrangement. This is not only the design of the lamp itself, but also selected areas for lighting. Classics assumes symmetrically located objects of illumination, for modern style usually use a cold light stream and asymmetry. Remember that cold light visually detaches the object, yellow - will bring it closer.
  3. The so-called illumination depth is achieveda competent choice of light flux. For the foreground, this will be a muted diffused light, the middle is usually obscured, and the background is flooded with uniform light. Then your site and house will be harmoniously and effectively decorated.

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