Outdoor LED Lighting

As you know, the attractiveness, comfort andthe security of any country house depends largely on a quality lighting system. Decorative and functional illumination of the building and the entire estate makes it possible to make the site more attractive, as well as to avoid the intrusion of unexpected guests into its territory.

One of the most common options forprivate houses is a street LED led-lighting. Before the merits of such light sources, there are not many analogues. In addition, a wide selection of lamps, presented in a variety of forms, sizes and styles, makes it possible to realize the most fantastic design ideas. About the varieties and the main advantages of this type of lighting, read our article.

LED Street Lights

The main advantages of LED lampsis the brightness of light, reliability, durability, safety and availability. That is why LED street lights are used today in a variety of lighting systems. One of the most popular options is flood lighting the facade. With the help of LED street lights, built-in from the bottom of the building and aimed at the walls at an angle, you can achieve an incredible effect by illuminating the house with a bright, even light, successfully emphasizing the geometry of the house.

In the organization of contour illumination by LEDlanterns for street lighting are also unmatched. With the help of wall sconces you will be able to present the building "in favorable light" by setting the outer wall around the perimeter, at the entrance door, above or below the windows, on the terrace or along the steps on the stairs.

With the help of built-in LED lights forstreet lighting can focus on a certain element of the facade, installing lamps at the foot or above the architectural creation (column, stucco, statue, etc.). Combining different colors of lighting, you can realize the most extraordinary design ideas.

Using the LED strip, the street lighting of the site can be turned into something more original than the usual lamp lighting.

Hidden under the roof, on the steps of the staircase or mounted around the perimeter walls, the glowing ribbon gives the facade a stunning, spectacular view.

Special attention should be paid to soilLED street lights. Set along paths, lawns, ponds, etc. in the dark, they serve as a guide, an excellent decoration of landscape design.

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