Carpet types

When choosing a floor covering, we usually lookNot only the price, but also the appearance of the product. Sometimes visually we are all happy, but in practice it turns out that the coating does not meet the requirements. In order not to make a mistake in choosing a carpet, it is important to know about its types and properties, which depend on several characteristics. It is with them that we will get acquainted in this article.

What kind of carpet is it?

All kinds of carpet are conditionally isolated, depending on the materials used, the type of pile and the manufacturing principle. Consider what kind of carpet, according to these criteria.

  1. Depending on the materials used andProperties, distinguish synthetic and natural types of carpet. The latter, in turn, can be made from fibers of animal or vegetable origin. These coatings perfectly retain heat, but their wear resistance is low, and with humidity, mold in the apartment may appear. As for synthetics, it will last much longer and will not accumulate bacteria. The best option is nylon nap, it will last a very long time and can not be distinguished from the natural.
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  3. According to the type of pile, you can distinguish the types of carpet withLong or short, thick or sparse (the denser the fibers are, the higher the strength of the coating) with the fibers. There are also loop and pile types: in one case, the loops are left, and in the second they are cut.
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  5. Such floor coverings as carpet divideOn species, depending on the mode of production. There are woven (knots tying on a strong grid-based), tufted (needle inserts the yarn through the mesh at a given height, and the back part is closed with latex), needle-punched (very similar to felting, the needle punctures the fibrous base and bizarrely interlaces the fibers), flocked The use of electrostatic field on the basis of PVC is applied to the pile, this kind is characterized by increased strength).
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