Bathroom in a wooden house

Even decades ago it was difficultImagine a full bathroom in a wooden house. Now, thanks to the rapid development of building technologies, the bathroom in a wooden house is no different from a bathroom in brick houses or apartments. You have all the possibilities to make living in a private wooden house comfortable and enjoyable.

Bathroom decoration in a wooden house

As you know, the bathroom is different from the othersThe house is constantly exposed to high humidity. Therefore, the preliminary finishing of walls, ceilings and floors in the bathroom with special solutions that protect the wood from mold and rotting is mandatory. Do not forget about ensuring good ventilation of the bathroom in the wooden house. When choosing the finishes for the bathroom, give preference to moisture resistant - ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, waterproof laminate.

1. Bathroom in a wooden house

2. Bathroom in a wooden house

4. Bathroom in a wooden house

Bathroom design in a wooden house

Before proceeding directly toArrangement of a premise, it is necessary to think over well, what should be the interior of a bathroom in a wooden house. In modern houses made of wood, you can distinguish two types of interior design of the bathroom: interior decoration with the preservation of the unique atmosphere of a wooden house or the usual urban design type of a bathroom. Let's take a closer look at the first variant of interior design, because it is more exotic nowadays and opens up a huge space for the embodiment of creative ideas.

To make the bathroom interior inThe wooden house is more charming, it is possible to equip it with wooden furniture and various accessories. Wooden furniture for the bathroom is not only a fashion trend, but also a very beautiful element of the interior. But here the usual wooden furniture will not work, because it is not moisture resistant. For the bathroom you need to buy special furniture, covered with a protective layer of primer, enamel or varnish. Often, wooden bathroom furniture is made from oak, as this tree is not afraid of moisture and is very durable.

When choosing a bath, you need to take into account the additional load on the floor. A filled cast-iron bath weighs at least 200 kg, ceramic - a little easier.

Increasingly, in modern homes appearsA wooden bath that reflects man's craving for nature, a more natural way of life. Such baths are made of special types of wood, which have moisture repellent (teak, red cedar, larch, wenge, mahogany and others). A similar bath in a wooden house becomes a highlight of the interior, a corner of living heat.

7. Wooden bathroom furniture

8. Wooden bath

9. Wooden bathroom furniture

Will help to see the interior of the bathroomIn other ways accessories. They will add style and functionality to the room, make the bathroom an excellent comfort zone in the house. For your country house is perfect for wooden bathroom accessories. They should be not only beautiful, but also high-quality, reliable and safe. Each of the accessories for the bathroom should fulfill its function, so as not to be left unattended and disinterestedly hang on the wall. Often used for a bathroom wicker baskets for storing things or for garbage. Modern designers suggest using a variety of wooden parts (rings, inserts) for decorating walls and furniture in the bathroom. Wooden accessories are perfect for both a wood-trimmed bathroom and a bathroom. The tree in the interior gives not only coziness and an atmosphere of warmth, but also guarantees the environmental friendliness of your home.

4. Bathroom in a wooden house

5. Bathroom in a wooden house

6. Bathroom in a wooden house