Interior of the toilet

Toilet, as a rule, is the smallestRoom in many modern apartments. Despite this, you should not disregard this room with attention during the repair. Specialists in the field of design offer a huge number of different options for the interior of the bath and toilet. Bathroom is a sufficiently separate room, so it is possible to realize almost any design ideas. However, it should not be forgotten that all rooms in an apartment or house are recommended to be executed in the same style.

There are two types of bathrooms - adjacent toToilet and separate. Most often the bathroom is very small. As a rule, an adjacent bathroom occupies a larger room, and a separate bathroom is two small ones. Harmonious interior of the bathroom in the apartment can be created, taking into account the following factors:

  • Color scheme in the bathroom;
  • Decoration Materials;
  • lighting;
  • Elements of decoration.

Modern bathroom interior Harmoniously combines all these factors. The bathroom serves us for washing, cosmetic and hygienic procedures, washing clothes and in some cases for drying. Therefore, it is important to equip the room in such a way that it is not only beautiful, but also functional.

Interior design of a spacious toilet and a bathroom

A spacious bathroom is a rarityFor the owners of the apartment. In a large bathroom, you can put various additional furniture and thereby increase its functionality. First of all, you should draw up a project and determine the places where the toilet, washbasin and bathtub will be located. Depending on their location, you can place lockers, hangers and shelves. An important role in the interior of the bathroom is played by tiles. Ceramic tiles are the best option for finishing walls and floors. This coating is durable and specifically designed for wet rooms. The choice of ceramic tiles today is quite wide. Many manufacturers offer tiles of various shapes, colors, textures and quality. Choosing a ceramic

Black white bathroom interior

Tile, you should consider the overall color scheme of the room. </ P>

Color in the interior of the bathroom and toilet Should not strongly contrast with the coloringWalls and floors in the apartment. In the bathroom most often use contrasting colors or colors, differing from each other not a few tones. Until now, a black and white bathroom interior is in fashion. Black and white tiles can be arranged in stripes or in staggered order. The bathroom and toilet are white and the furniture black. Similarly, you can use other contrasting colors. In a spacious bathroom, you can install almost any size fixtures. This can be floor lamps, chandelier or spot lights.

Interior design of a small bathroom

To decorate the interior of a small toilet is somewhat more complicated than a spacious bathroom. In order for a small room to look attractive, it is necessary to select

Interior of a small toilet

Other finishing materials and plumbing. In the interior of a small bathroom and toilet should avoid bright contrasting colors. The best solution is to choose colors that are different in tone but harmoniously combined. </ P>

Interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev isAttractive if you hide all the pipes under the finishing materials. To do this, use light structures that can be easily disassembled in the event of an accident.

In the interior of a small bathroom importantThe role is played by lighting. All fixtures should be small in size. Any chandelier visually reduces the size of an already small room. The most harmonious in Interior of a small toilet Looking point lights located on the ceiling or wall.

Whatever the size of the bathroom, with the help of the right interior design, you can make a cozy room from it!