Bathroom design of small size

A small bathroom is a problem for manyUrban residents. And although in modern new apartments small bathrooms are no longer met, many people continue to live in houses built during the Soviet era. And since the Soviet projects of apartments were small, their inhabitants have to put up with a very small bathroom.

However, everyone wants to make their homeCozy and attractive for guests. And for this, all rooms should be comfortable. Therefore, even the smallest bathroom represents a wide field of activity for many modern housewives. In this article, we will talk about the interior design of small bathrooms.

Basic design rules for a small bathroom:

  • The use of light colors for the decoration of walls andThe ceiling. Dark tile and paint visually narrow the room and create a clamping effect. In addition, the bathroom is one of the first rooms that a person visits in the morning. And psychologists have established that light colors create a positive mood for the whole day, in contrast to the dark ones. Therefore, for the design of small baths, it is recommended to use pastel colors and light colors of all primary colors;
  • Use of mirror surfaces. As the mirror visually enlarges the room, the bathroom cabinet with the mirror door is an excellent solution for the design of a small bath. In addition, a similar cabinet holds all the necessary attributes of the bathroom - shampoos, gels, toothbrushes. And this allows you to exclude the effect of piling up;
  • Organization of lighting with small dimensionsBathroom. The ideal solution for interior design of a small bathroom is the placement of lamps on the sides of the mirror above the washbasin. This visually expands the room. In addition, good lighting allows the bathroom to apply makeup, use masks and conduct other cosmetic procedures. Another option for placing fixtures is the installation of a large powerful lamp above the mirror. If the design of a very small bathroom provides for the installation of a single luminaire, the best solution is a fluorescent lamp located at a height of 1.8-1.9 meters from the floor;
  • Use of special furniture. Modern furniture manufacturers today offer their customers a wide range of compact and comfortable bathroom furniture. A cabinet under the washbasin, a bath screen, hanging shelves - all these objects, made in light colors in tone to the color of the walls and floor, allow you to store a lot of necessary items in the bathroom;
  • Use of a shower cabin. Replacing the bathtub with a shower is a great way to free up space. Moreover, shower cabins, equipped with many different functions, completely replace the ordinary bath. Given that modern working people live in

    Bathroom design of small size

    Crazy rhythm, usually time for something,To lie in the bathroom almost never happens. And with the help of a shower, you can save twice as much space in the bathroom. A shower cabin is the best option for the design of a very small bathroom;
  • The combination of a bathroom and a toilet. The redevelopment of these two rooms, allows you to create one more comfortable bathroom. The combination of a bathroom and a toilet is often used to design a small bathroom in a Khrushchev. Re-planning, also, allows you to select a zone for washing.

Designers say that a small bathroom is not a problem, but an opportunity to show imagination and ingenuity for its design. Bathroom interior design of small size Can transform this room so much that it will not be inferior to the most spacious bathrooms.