Provencal bathroom

The modern design of the bathroom in the style of Provence will manageCharm even the sophisticated connoisseurs with its unique charm of the French village. But that the bathroom Provence was not just beautiful, but really comfortable and cozy, it is necessary to approach with special care the choice of each, even the most insignificant details.

First of all, it is necessary to understand what exactlyAttracts you in the style of Provence. This can be the simplicity and ease of the province on the sunny coast, creating an atmosphere of lightness and carefree. Or maybe the pretentiousness and elegance of a family house that keeps history and traditions. In any case, in order to proceed with the selection of accessories, plumbing and bathroom furniture for Provence, you need to understand what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

Decoration of walls, floor and ceiling

The Provence style is characterized by warm sunnyShades of peach, pink, cream, turquoise, blue, olive. For the floor more often different shades of brown are used. The ceiling can be simply whitewashed or decorated with imitation of wooden beams. The walls and the floor can be trimmed with painted wood. Bathroom tile in the style of Provence is an acceptable option, provided that the color scheme will match the stylistic requirements.

Sanitaryware for the bathroom Provence

A distinctive feature of plumbing in this styleIs the smoothness of the lines, the combination of simplicity and grace. The classical shape of the tub on the curly legs and the bathroom with ornate forged elements are ideal for the bathroom Provence. Particular attention should be paid to small details. Gates, cranes, consoles or curbstones for the sink must match the chosen style.

Bathroom furniture in Provence style

Traditional furniture for the bathroom Provence isAged chests of drawers and lockers, tables with wrought-iron legs, wicker laundry baskets, ornate forged hangers. A distinctive feature is the ease and smoothness of the forms, the presence of elegant forged elements. Painted wooden furniture can be decorated with painting on the marine or floral theme. Wicker furniture will bring a touch of lightness and ease to the interior.

Accessories in the style of Provence

The final touch in the design is the choiceAccessories. It's the small elements of the decor allow you to correctly place the accents, to emphasize the unique charm of the French style. Typical for the style of Provence are wicker vases with dried flowers, painted vases with fresh flowers, marine products, mirrors in massive ornate frames, porcelain, paintings in the style of the 18-19 centuries. Forged chandeliers, bronze candlesticks, sconces with ornate elements also emphasize the style features.