Lighting in the bathroom

Modern designers in the development of the projectBathroom is increasingly focusing on lighting, as it should be brighter than in other areas of the house. The most correct principle of installing bathroom lighting is the placement of light sources at three levels - ceiling, floor and lighting at mirror level. Such lighting in the bathroom can create a stunning design and a special atmosphere. In addition to the usual lighting options for the bathroom - all the usual ceiling lamps - you can also use more daring ways to illuminate the bathrooms. In this article you will learn how to make lighting in the bathroom, what kind of lighting needs to be done in the bathroom and the basic techniques for creating a comfortable and modern design with lighting.

Bathroom Ceiling Light

Lighting in a small bathroom canConsist of only one ceiling lamp and this will be quite enough. But if the bathroom is more spacious, you have more opportunities to realize creative ideas in the interior.

For a spacious single-ceilinged bathroomThe luminaire will be small, as it will not be able to provide an even distribution of color. The bathroom area is also the main argument when choosing lamp power. To illuminate the bathroom, you can choose between open and built-in lights. Very convenient is the use of spotlights in the bathroom lighting with an adjustable angle of rotation. If your bathroom has a very high ceiling, it will be advisable to install a suspended ceiling light, the length of which is selected depending on the height of the ceiling.

Turn the bathroom into an exquisite SPA-salon with the help of decorative LED bathroom lighting. LED backlight looks stylish and modern, while it is absolutely safe.

Bathroom mirror lighting

Any multifunctional room needsZoning. The space near the mirror is a separate functional area. For the division of space, you can apply such design solutions as the podium or niche. Be sure to select the area near the sink and mirror the brightest light. Designers recommend installing lamps on both sides of the mirror. This way you will get excellent lighting, and the light will not blind your eyes. It is important that the light is not reflected in the mirror.

Lighting bath and bathroom furniture

Modern manufacturers of sanitary ware do not ceaseSurprise consumers with new interesting design solutions for the bathroom. The most original way to decorate the interior of the bathroom is to buy a bath with independent lighting. It looks great, but it will have to be paid accordingly.

A very practical option of additional bathroom lighting is the lighting of the furniture. After all, finding the right thing in the locker, whose shelves are equipped with fixtures, will be much easier.

Bathroom floor lighting

This type of lighting in the bathroom isAt the same time an additional light source, and a decorative element. To illuminate the bathroom floor, the same lighting fixtures are used, as for the illumination of garden paths - airtight, durable lamps, whose power is not more than 5 W. They are not afraid of moisture, and therefore they can be safely placed directly under the bathroom. To create an unusual light effect, you can use colored light bulbs.

Visual expansion of the bathroom with lighting

Thanks to well thought out bathroom lightingRooms you can dramatically convert a small bathroom - make it visually more, give the interior a stylish and refined look. For lighting in a small bathroom, an excellent solution is to install a false window. The lighting should be as bright as possible, and the finishing materials - of light colors.

1. Lighting in the bathroom

2. Lighting in the bathroom

3. Lighting in the bathroom

4. Bathroom mirror lighting

5. Bathroom mirror lighting

6. Bathroom mirror lighting

7. Lighting a small bathroom

8. Lighting a small bathroom

9. Lighting a small bathroom