Shelves for the bathroom

In typical apartments bathrooms are small enough, so to save space and create comfortable conditions in these rooms, use different shelves from a variety of materials.

The shelves for the bathroom play an important role: They are needed for convenient storage of toiletries, support the interior of the bathroom and bring individuality to the chosen design. In addition, convenient in the arrangement and use of the shelves for the bathroom reduce the number of unnecessary movements and save time.

Shelves in the bathroom should choose a reliableAnd practical, the material and accessories, of which the shelves are made, must be resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. Shelves in the bathroom can be made of glass, chrome, metal, plastic and even wooden, but you should take into account that due to high humidity you need to choose furniture from moisture-resistant tree species, for example oak, bamboo.

Shelves for towels in the bathroom

Shelves for towels in the bathroom not onlyThey are convenient, but they can also serve as an element of a general design solution. Use of space above the door (and also the door itself) for storing towels is creative and economical.

Modern ideas for the storage of towels for the bathroom offer us lightweight, "invisible" metal shelves, which make space more free even in the smallest bathroom.

In addition to wall shelves, floor shelves can also be used in the bathroom. With their help you can effectively use the corners of the bathroom and conveniently place a large number of towels.

Variety of shelves in the bathroom

At present, the shelves in the bathroom with a mirror become more and more actual - combining versatility and reliability, they also have a stylish look.

Perfectly fit in the interior chrome-platedShelves for the bathroom in a joint version with or without glass. These shelves seem almost weightless, and they will look great even in a small bathroom.

Plastic shelves in the bathroom are the mostEconomical option, and at the same time deserving attention due to its lightness, moisture resistance and relative strength. In addition, from the plastic can be made shelves of a variety of shapes and colors.

Shelves in the bathrooms can also beWooden, but due to the constant high humidity it is necessary to give preference to moisture resistant varieties of trees or to protect the surface of the products with a special waterproof varnish.

Numerous bathroom accessories instead ofThe usual attachments have suckers. For example, shelves on the suckers in the bathroom can be easily installed in the shower, near the sink or even in the bathroom itself. Such a fastening system makes it possible to move the shelves on the suckers without difficulty, and most importantly, without damaging the wall surface and finishing materials throughout the room.

Effective and kindly metal shelves in the bathroom,Manufacturers offer different types of such shelves, such as hanging shelves in the bathroom. Shelves in stainless steel - a win-win option: they never rust and look rich and exquisite. Hanging shelves in the bathroom - a fairly common solution, which solves the problem of lack of space. They can be single- or multi-tiered, open or closed, and they can be successfully used to store small things in the bathroom.

But, no matter what bathroom shelves you choose, they should be comfortable and comfortable for you, and also maintain the overall style of your bathroom.

Shelf in the bathroom on the suckers

Shelf in the bathroom plastic

Suspended bathroom shelf

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