.Banno of bathroom tiles

Interior decoration of the bathroom shouldPay special attention. This room we visit in the morning to recharge, and in the evening, to rest and relax after a hard day's work. Therefore, the design of the bathroom should radiate cheerfulness and positive. To achieve this effect, you need to move away from the standard interior decoration techniques of the bathroom, make a variety in this room.

In today's article it will be a question of a panel fromTiles for the bathroom, which are provided on the market in a very wide range. The popularity of ceramic tiles in decorating decorative elements in the bathroom is explained by the variety of colors and a wide choice of textures. Tile panels or photo-tiles - this is a fairly new phenomenon in the interior fashion, but this decorative element is increasingly used in the design of exclusive interiors.

Varieties of tile panels
  1. Mosaic panel This is one of the most famous receptions of the wallDecor in the bathroom. Its peculiarity is that the image is laid out from multi-colored tiles of small size - not more than 3 cm in width. The figure that will be obtained after laying out the tiles is easier to view from a distance. For this reason, mosaic panels are more suitable for a spacious bathroom. For the mosaic use different materials - ceramics, marble, glass, metal, smalt (looks like a colored glass). Particles of the mosaic in some cases are not limited to strict geometric forms, which gives the panel some abstractness. The mosaic panel will create a warm atmosphere of comfort with a slight hint of luxury.
  2. 1. Panel of tiles in the bathroom

    2. Panels from bathroom tiles

    3. Panels from bathroom tiles

    4. Panels from bathroom tiles

    5. Panels from bathroom tiles

    6. Panels from bathroom tiles

  3. Photocell Will help make the design of the bathroom unique,Because for the panel you can choose any drawing - whether it's bright original flowers on a panel of bathroom tiles or a photo of a loved one. This material is especially liked by designers, because the photo-stack allows you to experiment, and you can also choose a pattern that perfectly complements any style of the interior. When ordering photo printing on ceramic tiles, you can discard doubts about the quality of the picture. Modern technologies make it possible to make it as stable as possible to mechanical damage, moisture, temperature changes. A panel made of tile for a bathroom is not a cheap type of decor, but the result will surpass all your expectations.

Many manufacturers offer a panel with built-in LED lighting, with original ornaments from genuine leather or even precious stones.

To design panels for the bathroom use andOther materials are valuable woods, natural stone, agglomerate, but both the materials themselves and the installation are quite expensive, so they are not very popular.

7. Panels from bathroom tiles

8. Panel from bathroom tiles

9. Panels from bathroom tiles

Selecting the size of the panel

When choosing the size and type of the picture, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room.

For a spacious bathroom suitableCeramic tile-panel with any story you like. Original three-dimensional drawings look original. Stylish looks a combination of ordinary monophonic tiles with a large insert in the form of panels.

But when choosing a panel of tiles in the bathroom withA small area, you need to consider some factors. Choose scenes to help you visually expand the room. These are panoramic images, marine subjects. Of the marine subjects, the most popular is the tile-panel with the image of dolphins and ships. Thanks to this decorative element, a positive romantic atmosphere is created in the room.