Shelves for baths

After repair or to upgrade the bathroom -You need to hang a shelf on which all the most necessary bath accessories will stand and lie. Today there is a choice of sizes, colors, materials from which shelves are made. Before choosing one should take into account several factors:

  • Humidity in the room;
  • Possible temperature drop;
  • Assignment of shelves.

The bathroom is characterized by a constantHigh humidity of air, therefore the material of which the shelf is made must be to some extent thermally stable and must have a smooth, even surface. Shelves should have such qualities as practicality, reliability and multifunctionality.

Modern corner shelves for the bathroom in addition to all these qualities are still a great addition to the bathroom interior.

Of course, hanging lockers are much roomier,But for them there is not always enough space. Therefore, corner shelves in the bathroom can be considered a very good solution. Usually they are placed near the sink or in the corner above the bathroom.

Corner shelves for the bathroom are made from differentMaterials. For example, plastic - a material inexpensive, but resistant to moisture and withstands temperature changes. Minus only one - on such shelves can not put a lot of tubes and jars - plastic corner shelves for the bathroom can simply bend or bow to one side.

There are also metal shelves. They favorably stand out against the background of other shelves, but when buying, you need to pay attention to the quality of the metal. Poor-quality material will rust very quickly and it will have to be continuously processed.

Glass corner shelves for the bathroom - a very stylish solution. They will not leave your guests indifferent and at the same time bring a special comfort to the bathroom.

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