Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

The main distinguishing feature of this roomThere is that there is a high humidity. This prevents the use of many materials for finishing. The ceiling should be aesthetic and look modern, do not be afraid of getting hot or cold water on it, and be durable. It is this requirement that meets the stretch ceiling in the bathroom, which is easy to clean and meets all our requirements.

Installation of stretch ceiling in the bathroom

The height of the room when installing such a structureWill decrease by only 3 or 4 centimeters. It is this distance that the guides occupy, on which our canvas will be fixed. Good specialists can easily cope with such work in just a few hours. First around the perimeter of the room are installed baguettes, and then they can already be attached to the canvas. It is heated with a special gun to make the material more elastic. It is necessary to wait for some time after the installation to allow the fabric to cool and finally stretch.

Design of stretch ceilings in the bathroom

It is ideal to use blue in this room,Blue or turquoise. They are the most harmonious in the bathroom and associated with the water space. Well, if the color of the canvas will coincide with some elements in our room. This can be the color of the plumbing or flooring. In addition to the glossy coating, there is still a matte canvas, which has a variety of shades. It can be applied to any patterns or photos. Very often, images of the aquarium, various fish, imitation of water droplets, ornament or blue sky are used. At your desire on the ceiling, you can even create an effect of elegant Venetian plaster. This photo image is very durable and is not washed away with hot water.

If you have high ceilings, then there isThe ability to create an original multi-level design. It will look beautiful in the form of a wave, especially if you use the appropriate color scheme. In a large room, each sector (shower, bath or toilet), if desired, can be highlighted in different colors or the level of your ceiling cover. Mirror stretch ceilings for the bathroom now also use very often. The bath then doubles in size. This is just an imitation of mirrors, but it is created quite simply and does not require large expenditures. To achieve a greater effect, you can use well-chosen lighting.

What stretch ceiling is better in a small bathroom?

In this case, it's best to lookGlossy stretch ceiling in the bathroom. He visually increases the height of the small room, as if extending it upwards. This effect will block the small space that will take from you when installing aluminum baguette. In addition, the gloss is well combined with tile or ceramic decoration.

Fabric stretch ceilings in the bathroom

The technology of production of the canvas allows itUse in different rooms. It is impregnated with polyurethane, which saves the material from the harmful effects of moisture or mold. The most important thing here is that there will be no seams on the fabric. In its other characteristics, this material also surpasses the film coating. Although at its price, film ceilings will cost you a little cheaper. In its classical version, the fabric fabric is white, but such a ceiling can also be decorated with large-format printing or spectacular lighting devices.

Your bathroom is the place you wantRelax, relax and forget about everything though for a while. Try to make the interior here the most comfortable and cozy and safe. Stretch ceiling in the bathroom - this is one of the most optimal options, which at this time are at your disposal.

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