Design tiles in the bathroom

Tiles from the tile trim only two rooms: Kitchen and bathroom. This is because the tile is easy to clean, it is durable, is not afraid of moisture and temperature drops, after all, it is always fashionable.

Tiles - this is the main part of the design inBathroom. It affects the overall appearance of the bathroom, tells about the preferences and tastes of the owners of the apartment. Tiles for walls, floors and ceilings should be selected separately.

Wall tiles in the bathroom

Wall tiles in their structure are soft andIt can easily be cut, which is very convenient when it is fitted. The best tile for walls is one with a moisture absorption of about 20%. But such a tile is not recommended to be laid on the floor, as the unstable pattern on it can quickly erase.

Floor tiles in the bathroom

The structure of the floor tiles is more dense, thereforeIt has less moisture absorption than that of a wall cladding. It is more durable and resistant to various aggressive chemical agents. However, the floor tiles should have the effect of anti-skid to avoid falls and injuries.

The ceiling in the bathroom is ideal plastic ceiling tile, which has good water resistance.

Drawing tiles in the bathroom

For any type of tile is very important not onlyQuality, but also attractive design. And although there are a lot of options for tile coloring, experts advise to dwell on the classical design of ceramic tiles. The same color and pattern of tiles in the bathroom you choose at your discretion and taste. However, there are also some small features here: you should not choose a tile of bright red, orange, yellow in the bathroom. Such exciting colors will not help relaxation and rest after work. Optimum colors for a tile are pink, beige, blue.

If the design of your apartment is usedMarble or other natural stones, then for a bathroom the tile with the aged surface is perfect. The fashionable layout of tiles in the bathroom looks strangely nowadays with stripes, flowers, various rectangular shapes. In addition, more and more popular is the use of a photo-stick. With its help you can put on the walls of the bathroom your favorite photos or create a large panel.

As an alternative to the tile in the bathroomYou can use the painting of walls, gluing wallpaper or plastic panels. Modern technology also offers the use of stretch ceilings in the bathroom and the flood-proof floor, which will make your bathroom stylish and original. As you can see, the options for finishing the bathroom are many, so the solution is yours!

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