Small Bathroom - Design

Unfortunately, some residential projectsAre designed for small dimensions of bathrooms. To get out somehow from the current situation, one should heed the advice of the masters of design. Often, these tips are simple solutions that can expand space.

Bathroom design options of small size

It is best to start work during repair,Because some design tricks consist in violation of the integrity of walls, ceiling or floor. First of all, you should choose the style of the room. This is what determines the direction for your imagination.

In a small apartment the design of the bathroomIs worked out most often in the style of minimalism. This, although it contains some limitations in the use of objects and colors, but extends the ability to combine different materials. The main thing is to achieve convenience and functionality.

No less interesting is the small bathroom, whose design reflects the mood of the country of the rising sun. Themes of Japan can be present in the scenery, materials and decoration.

Even a small area is easy to carryLuxury of classical style. White color tiles, combined with textile moisture-resistant wallpaper, will give an interior highlight. Among natural materials it is practical to use marble and wood of the corresponding rocks. Particular attention should be given to the selection of chandeliers and curtains, which are the first to attract attention.

Ideas to increase the space of a small bathroom

It is known that any small room is oftenClutters the excess of objects. Inviting a specialist to help, you can easily hide in the wall protruding pipes or a drain tank. If the presence of the bath is not a principle, replace it with a shower cabin, and the vacant place is determined under the washing machine or sink.

In the case when you do not want to part withYour favorite piece of interior, the bathroom can have a design that provides an area for a small bath. There are non-standard models, in particular corner ones, which occupy a minimum of space. Often, the owners gain mobile furniture items that can change their position at the right time. This can be, for example, rotating shelves or a locker with the same function. It is pleasant to surprise the replacement of the swinging door with a sliding door. All sorts of multi-level structures on the walls often become a wand for their owners.

Design a small room without a toilet, as well asWith it, requires the expansion of space due to the predominance of light colors in the interior. The presence of dark furniture, decor or other inclusions is compensated by bright lighting. For this, one light source located in the center of the ceiling is sufficient. If necessary, additionally mount the fixtures near the mirrors. The use of point models is typical for the bathroom in a modern style.

Many follow the principle of more glass - moreSveta. You can install glass shelves or a glass door. Similar effect has a glossy surface stretch ceiling and tiles. If you like the relief tile, the design for a small bathroom can only allow its presence in a small amount.

Of great importance are the dimensions of the tile and itsPacking. For example, rectangular tiles, located vertically, visually make the room higher. With regard to size, the best option is considered average.

A small bathroom will become a real paradise if its design is enlivened by a plant that feels comfortable in the wet area of ​​the apartment.

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