White Bathroom

White bathroom is considered elegant andAristocratic. Many housewives choose this color for the design of the bathroom, as it has several obvious advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

Advantages of white bathroom design

Most people associate white withPurity, relaxation, serenity, spirituality. That is why the use of all its shades in the interior can make the room more attractive. Especially it concerns bathrooms, after all they are intended for a relaxation after a hard day and giving to a body of cleanliness.

White color is winning not only withPsychological, but also from a practical point of view. Bathrooms, trimmed in this way, visually look more spacious than the rooms, decorated in other shades. A small white bathroom becomes filled with air and light. Ideally, this color is also suitable for work in a room with a complex geometry of walls and ceiling (for example, when the bathroom is located in the attic), since it will smooth out all the flaws in the construction, and also make niches, sloping ceilings or wall protrusions not so noticeable.

The bathroom in white colors is much easierLook after what it seems. It is on items with such decoration that the least visible are the divorce from the water, as well as the lime scale - the most common types of pollution in the bathroom.

Disadvantages of white bathrooms

However, a monochrome bathroom in whiteCan create and depressing impression, associating with a sterile hospital ward or a cold room without heating. There are two ways to level this shortcoming. The first is to use a patch of color in the white bathroom. It can be elements of decoration or decorative ornaments. White is an ideal background for the rest of the palette, so that such details can be changed quite often. The second option is not to use a classic white color in the bathroom, but to make a choice in favor of its shades from a warmer palette (ivory, melted milk, cream), which will immediately bring coziness into the room.

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