Small bathroom

A small bathroom, and more often alsoCombined with the toilet, is not uncommon in apartments with a typical layout. However, a small area does not mean that this room can not be decorated with taste and adapted so that it is convenient to use.

Design of a small bathroom

When it comes to repairs in a small bathroomRoom, then, first of all, it is worth considering how the floor, ceiling and walls of this room will be trimmed. In a small space will ideally look trim in a minimalist style and clear geometric lines. Therefore, you should choose materials that can visually expand the space.

So, it looks great on the walls and the floorTile-mosaic. A large number of small-sized parts visually expand the room. But for the ceiling, it is best to choose a single-level design, painted in monochrome.

The choice of the shade forFinishing. It is common knowledge that light colors expand space, and dark ones, on the contrary, narrow it. This rule can be used to adjust the proportions of the room. Experienced designers recommend using the main light color (best of the pastel scale, but not white, since the white bathroom can look uncomfortable) and make bright details that will make the design of the room more interesting.

Interior of a small bathroom

At the stage of wall decoration is best to laySome distance to accommodate a built-in cabinet in which you can store all the necessary things in the bathroom things. This will be the best option, visually not stealing the size. If you use glass doors in such a cabinet, you can even visually enlarge the room.

When the built-in closet can not be done, thenIt is better to abandon several small hinged structures that will only clutter the room. It is best to place a long and narrow closed shelving along one wall.

In small bathrooms with WC the mostThe best option for plumbing will be the following: a bathroom along one wall, and a sink, toilet bowl and other devices along the other. A good solution for a small room is the replacement of the standard bathtub form with an angled or completely discarded bathtub in favor of the shower.

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