Small bathroom

Some believe that a small spaceIt is never possible to turn it into comfortable and comfortable housing even when investing large amounts of capital. This statement can easily be disproved by just a few examples, the network is full of photos of excellent bathrooms that can be ennobled and tidied up using a few simple rules. Our advice, based on the experience of many modern designers, will help to change the interior of even a very small bathroom for the better. The main thing in solving this issue is the rational use of the available space.

How to equip a small bathroom?

  1. The most common way to save a littlePlaces in the bathroom - the replacement of the old font on the shower. This method is most like those who do not like to luxuriate for a long time in warm water, but aspires to quickly get rid of dust by washing in a comfortable shower. Sealed doors will help not to splash the room, and modern appliances help to take such amazing procedures as a whirlpool, contrast shower or even an infrared sauna. By the way, in booths with a deep pallet you can perfectly bathe small children, so the size of this part you need to think through when buying.
  2. Although there is an opinion that corner baths occupyLess space, installing such a font does not always lead to significant savings. Only rectangular tanks with one bevelled edge differ in such qualities. Ordinary triangular arrangements are rather dimensional and have an outstanding forward front part in the form of a wide semicircle. At the same time, one can not but admit that in the interior of a small bathroom, models with an angular design look more modern and more spectacular than old models.
  3. Washing machine is necessaryDevice, but often there are difficulties with finding a place to install it. A miniature design can be adapted under the sink with a side sink. Standard appliances try to put in a niche or under some kind of locker, so they do not stand out.
  4. In order not to buy in this room excess storage for household chemicals or not to take bottles and boxes hinged shelves, place these items under the bathroom, hiding them behind the screen with the doors.
  5. Replacing the sanitary equipment of the floor type with attachments will make the room more elegant, the floor becomes visually more spacious and the view of the small bathroom will noticeably improve.
  6. The purchase of a corner washbasin, toilet and bathroom will free the central zone, the owners will have room for maneuver. Moving around the room, you will not run into the plumbing every time.
  7. An important role is played by the design of tiles in a smallThe bathroom and the color of the facade of the furniture. The use of light walls and floor has been said a lot, it is already recognized that the dark palette is not suitable for small areas. Also an excellent solution is the use here of large mirrors, as well as mirror mosaic, tiles or panels. These materials not only increase the visual volume, but also look expensive and effective.

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