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Tiles are the main part of the design of the bathroom. After all, tile is the most popular coating for walls and bathroom floors thanks to water resistance and beautiful appearance.

Bathroom finishes with tiles

The finishing of the room begins with the selection of the tone of the future coating. Optimal use of two or three types of tiles of a similar color palette or contrasting tones.

The design of the room often shows an internalWorld of the owner of the apartment. People with an extravagant character like using bright colors, and bright, cold colors will indicate a calm character.

Tile of soft color is used for smallBathroom, it will help create a cozy design. Excellent collection of light gray, blue, white. Supplement the interior can be friezes, small panels, mirrors, stylish sliding glass doors.

Classic version of tiling in the bathroomRoom - white top, black bottom, the design is complemented by collectible drawings, located in a horizontal or vertical view. A popular trend now is the use of large flowers in the interior. They can be applied in the form of rows of material when stacking or lay out a large thematic panel on the whole wall.

Fashionable bathroom tile now - copying the structure of wood, metal, bronze, copper, silver and gold.

Lovers of natural interior will be delighted with the use of tile in the bathroom for natural marble of light colors, it will perfectly match with glossy furniture and lighting.

Beautiful finishing of the bathroom with tiles will help create a harmonious design, will help turn the room into a full place for body and soul rest, comfortable and functional.

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