Exotic fruits in Thailand - try

The cuisine of Thailand is notable for its sharpness andA lot of spices. A logical conclusion of such a meal can and should be fruit - fresh, juicy, refreshing. They are good for breakfast, because they give the body the necessary charge of vivacity and energy. In the sunny kingdom of Thailand, there are so many that tourists just run their eyes. They are everywhere - in bazaars, in shops, restaurants and just on trees. I want to try everything at once. We bring to your attention a brief overview of the exotic and extremely interesting fruits of Thailand.

At once it is necessary to make a reservation that the majority of themCan be purchased from us, in almost any large supermarket. But it's better not to take risks, so as not to spoil your impression, because these withered crushed fruits have little in common with the fresh, freshly collected by their brethren.

So, let's start the tasting.


Large, the size of an average melon citrus fruitWith a reddish flesh, moderately sour and bitter-sweet. Most of all in appearance it resembles a huge grapefruit of elongated form with a green, yellow and sometimes reddish skin, and to taste, in principle, is similar. Contains many vitamins A and C. In Thailand, you can buy it already cleaned and packed in food film. It is best to enjoy it in its season - from July to October.

Exotic fruits in Thailand - try1

Dragons Fruit

It looks like a large oblong apple. Under the bright pink skin, a dense flesh of white, red or pink flowers is hidden in a variety of small bones throughout the entire volume, as in kiwi. To taste like a strawberry.

Exotic fruits in Thailand - try2


According to many tourists, perhaps one of the mostdelicious Thai fruits. Oblong, with a smooth glossy skin of green, yellow and red colors, which is easily cleaned. Inside - a large bone, which, however, is easily separated from the ripe dense juicy fibrous pulp, which has a wonderful aroma and sweet taste. However, with it it is necessary to be more cautious - in large quantities mango causes indigestion.

Exotic fruits in Thailand - try3


A small round berry with a dense hard skinred color, under which lies a white, juicy and sweet-tart pulp. It is widely used in Thai cuisine for making desserts, drinks, ice cream. Season litchi lasts from April to July.

Exotic fruits in Thailand - try4


The king of Thailand's fruit, which no oneleaves indifferent - it either adores or can not stand. Under the hard green peel with spines hidden yellow pulp consistency of sour cream, which at the beginning does not have a special smell, but tastes like a sweet dough. But literally in 15 minutes it is oxidized and begins to "smell" rot.

Exotic fruits in Thailand - try5


The Queen of Fruits is the best complement tospecific durian, thanks to a refreshing tender taste, which neutralizes an unusual aroma and as a result forms a delicious combination with it. Try better from mid-April through mid-October.

Exotic fruits in Thailand - try 6


Looks like a little green apples. The flesh is pink, filled with small solid seeds, has a bitter-sweet taste.

Exotic fruits in Thailand - try7


The largest Thai fruit is the weight of individualthe fruit reaches 20 kg. Sold, as a rule, in a purified form. Its light yellow flesh looks like a pastille and in its raw form is adored by local kids.

Exotic fruits in Thailand - try8


Yellow oblong fruit, consisting of longitudinal lobules and in a section similar to a star. Ripe cannon is sweet, with a rich floral aroma.

Exotic fruits in Thailand - try9


A small oval fruit covered with villi. The skin is easily peeled off, exposing a juicy white flesh with a small bone inside. The larger and rosier he looks, the more sweet and juicy - inside. You can buy it from April to October.

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