Thailand or goa

Exotic, inimitable beauty, Asia is alwaysAttracted tourists from all over the world, including our compatriots. More popular are the resorts of Thailand and the Indian state of Goa. Both have beautiful beaches and conditions for recreation. Because it is so difficult to decide what to choose - Goa or Thailand. Our article is for help.

Which is better - Goa or Thailand: the sea and the beach

Despite the fact that these countries are locatedRelatively close to each other, the difference in them is quite palpable. First of all it concerns the sea and beaches. If for you this aspect is of paramount importance, then it is better to go to Thailand, whose resorts are located on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea with clear and clear water. In Goa this is worse: if the southern part of the region is famous for its clear sea, but there is restless, constant waves. In North Goa, seawater is generally turbid.

Where is the best Thailand or Goa: entertainment and infrastructure

If we discuss the development of infrastructure, thenLovers of comfort will suit a holiday in Thailand: tourism here is more developed: excellent service, excellent roads, magnificent hotel complexes and living conditions, and with a noticeable Europeanized bias. In Goa, the infrastructure is much inferior to Thailand. Luxurious hotels can boast of the southern part of the state, in the North there are more ordinary guesthouses, bungalows, as well as a large number of stray animals and appalling poverty of local residents.

Regarding entertainment, the choice should depend onAbout the purpose of your holiday. For example, for diving it is better to follow in Thailand, the sea there is rich in exotic inhabitants. Shopping also speaks in favor of Thai resorts, in particular in Bangkok, Pattaya and Krabi.

But lovers of parties are better to take a tour inNorth Goa (Anjuna), where the world-famous "trans-party" is held. And, by the way, if you compare Goa with Thailand, then a quieter atmosphere, allowing you to relax from the city's bustle and working days, reigns in some resorts of Goa (Morjim, Arambol).

Where is better Thailand or goa

Thailand or Goa - which is cheaper?

An important aspect is the choice of ThailandOr Goa is the cost of recreation. In general, prices are higher in Thailand, but the service provided is at the highest level, rather than in Goa. Along with this food is cheaper in Thailand, and the cuisine there is full of variety.

In general, choosing between Goa and Thailand in the firstTurn should be guided by the purpose of recreation. To lie on the beach in complete comfort - for this you need to go to Thailand. Go away from civilization, taste freedom and feel full of emancipation is possible only in Goa.