The poorest countries in the world

"Poverty is not a vice." This expression is familiar to everyone, but what do residents of those countries who are on the list of the poorest countries in the world think about this? How do they live in such conditions? And what does "poor country" mean? Let's try to figure it out together.

Top 10 poor countries

Of GDP Is a basic and fundamentalA macroeconomic indicator-regulator, which determines the fact which country is the richest or poorest. Its significance depends on a number of factors, including the level of population growth in the state. It is quite logical that the state must somehow contain some "new" people who are born with great speed. Unfortunately, the poorest countries in Africa and Asia can not solve this problem radically, so the population's situation is deteriorating from year to year.

In the United Nations to assess the level of economic developmentUse the official designation "least developed countries". This "black" list includes states where GDP per capita does not reach the 750-dollar mark. At present, there are 48 such countries. It is not a secret that the poorest are the countries of Africa. They are on the UN list 33.

The 10 poorest countries in the world include:

  • Togo;
  • Malawi;
  • Sierra Leone;
  • Niger;
  • Central African Republic;
  • Eritrea;
  • Burundi;
  • Zimbabwe;
  • Liberia;
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is the leader.

With all this, Togo - a major producer of phosphorus, the leader in the export of cotton, cocoa and coffee. And the average resident of the country must survive at $ 1.25 a day! AT Malawi The critical situation is related to the debts to the IMF. Unfairly related to the performance of their duties, the government brought the country to isolation from the assistance of international financial organizations.

Sierra Leone This is a vivid example of the inability to useNatural resources. In the country, diamonds, titanium, bauxite are mined, and ordinary Sierra Leoneans can not afford to eat more than twice a day! A similar situation has developed in the CAR, Which has a huge resource base. The average income of a local resident is only one dollar. Burundi and Liberia - countries that have become hostages to permanent military conflicts, and residents Zimbabwe Die of AIDS, not surviving until the age of forty. And in Congo The situation is extremely complicated, because the diseases of the local population are accompanied by uninterrupted military actions.

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Poor Europe

It would seem that there can be a poor country,Which is located in the territory of Europe, which is considered the most developed region of the world? But there are problems of this kind here. Of course, not a single European power in terms of level of development and GDP is not inferior to the countries of Africa, but the poorest countries in Europe - a very real phenomenon. According to Eurostat, the poorest countries in Europe are Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia. During the last three to four years, the economic well-being of Bulgaria has improved somewhat, but the GDP level remains low (no more than 47% of the average in Europe).

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If we consider the countries that are locatedIn Europe, but are not members of the EU, the poorest is considered to be Moldova. In the countries of Central Asia, the lowest level of GDP was recorded in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

It is worth noting that the annual situation in the rankingPoor countries of the world is undergoing changes. Some powers give way to others, sinking or climbing one or two steps, but the overall picture in most cases remains unchanged. Combating poverty is the main task of the world community.