Cheapest countries for recreation

For our person a trip abroad toToday it seems a pipe dream and something very expensive. In fact, there is a fairly large selection of countries where rest will seem quite comfortable, and you will have to pay very little for all this pleasure. In this article, we'll look at a list of cheap countries for recreation in which you do not have to save money all year round.

Rating of cheap countries for rest

Let's start with the fact that countries with cheap holidays canHow to disappoint, and pleasantly surprise. It all depends on the direction. As a rule, exotic countries, where you can spend the same month for the same amount that you spend in your homeland in a week, sometimes too much different from our latitudes in terms of climate and all the cheapness just fades in the heat and damp air.

Cheap European countries to relax in thisThe plan is much more suitable for people who do not tolerate flights or a hot climate. Living conditions there are usually at a high level, and the kitchen and the atmosphere are close to us. Below is a list of countries in which a cheap vacation.

  1. In the first place in different ratings it always turns out Cambodia. The country is small, it is located very nearWith Vietnam and Thailand. Be prepared for the fact that during the day the temperature can reach 40 ° C. Also, you should know that walking alone, and even with jewelry on your chest, is quite dangerous. You can eat there delicious, and inexpensive. Only those places need to be bathed.
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  3. The second in the list of the cheapest countries for recreation is the neighbor of the leader - Vietnam. Our brother can be found there often. The country recently made a very strong leap in the development of the economy, which had a beneficial effect on tourism. Get there by plane and the flight will be very long, therefore tedious. But to live on ridiculous money a day and at the same time to visit the most beautiful monuments of architecture you can easily.
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  5. Among cheap countries for rest its place has taken India. There are all conditions for a luxurious holiday,But the so-called budget tourist can also quite rest. The main thing to remember is: strictly observe care in terms of personal things, beware of products without heat treatment and do not drink water of unknown origin.
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  7. In the list of cheap countries for recreation and Bolivia. Surprisingly, for a couple of dozen dollars inDay you can and the night worthy to pick up yourself, and eat your fill and delicious, even on excursions will remain. And there is something to see there: the famous city of Inca, the Cordillera, a salt desert.
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  9. In search of a budget holiday in Europe, go to Hungary. Famous bathhouses, numerousAttractions and just beautiful cities - all for a very modest amount of money. Especially popular today are tours for New Year's holidays with an entertaining and rich program for tourists.
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  11. Demand is another one of the cheap countries for recreation - Bulgaria. Delicious cuisine, excellent accommodation and,Of course, a gentle sea - all this you can afford without problems. In addition, for tourists there are organized numerous excursions, so that you will not have to miss exactly.
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  13. Another one in the list of the cheapest countries for recreation - Greece. After some economic difficulties inThe country had to improve the conditions for tourists, in particular, to make housing and beaches more accessible. Well, about the famous sights of this country you can say a lot, but it's better to see for yourself.
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This rating should also be added to Argentina, Sri Lanka and Honduras. Relatively inexpensive you can relax in Laos, Bali and Guatemala.